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Problems Getting Insurance In Northern Ireland


One of the worst kept secrets in motorbike insurance is that residents of Northern Ireland pay significantly more than the rest of the UK to insure their vehicles. Not only that, simply getting cover can be complicated, because many well-known insurers and brokers still won’t provide insurance for people living there.shutterstock_223171513


Bikesure, the freethinking insurance broker, isn’t one of them. Working with several insurance companies who provide cover in Northern Ireland, it has developed policies that are not only affordable, but also specific to the individual’s needs, regardless of how unconventional these may be.


If you’re a biking enthusiast with either a classic or modified ride, finding affordable cover can be an arduous task, let alone in Northern Ireland. Bikesure provides insurance for various specialist vehicles, offering anything from classic bike cover to customised bike schemes, whatever the modification. In both cases, an agreed value option is available.


Anyone with a motoring or criminal conviction will know that getting affordable insurance is often difficult. Throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland, Bikesure offers policies specifically for convicted riders, so whatever your predicament, you can be protected.


Northern Ireland is relatively small, and some riders will want to venture further afield. Bikesure not only offers customers optional cover for riding in the Republic of Ireland, crossing the border hassle-free, but many of its policies also include European travel protection for up to 180 days.


To save time and money, Bikesure offers convenient Multibike policies with discounts. This way if you own more than one motorcycle, you can insure them all under one policy. Similarly, if you wish to be insured to ride other bikes, such as those belonging to friends or relatives, comprehensive cover to do this is also available through Bikesure.shutterstock_219111313


Residents of Northern Ireland looking to insure through Bikesure can benefit through various other discounts. Riders with zero no claims bonus are always welcome; also discounts for garaged vehicles, limited mileage and extra security measures are available. Membership of an owners club can often get you a discount up to 25%. These are easy to join; sometimes you just need to sign up online. For example, if you own a Triumph, the Triumph Owners M.C.C offers membership to all UK residents.


Short Term Bike Insurance – The Pros and Cons

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, all of us here at Bikesure have been feeling the itch to get back on our bikes.

For many bikers, winter poses a bit of a problem; do you face the icy wind and rain on every journey, or give in to the weather and take the car instead? Sadly, practicality often wins out for many and we’re forced to stow our bikes for winter. But with the sun now shining, it’s time to dust off the chrome and get back in the saddle.

Although storing bikes through the winter is often a good idea, both for the bike and for you, it is balanced with a couple of pros and cons. Importantly, you get the flexibility of riding your bike all year round (unseasonably warm winter? Get out there!), whilst the downside can be that if the weather does limit your winter riding, you could be paying for cover that you aren’t using for months at a time.


Pay Only What You Need With Short Term Bike Insurance

So, if you want to make sure you only pay for what you use, what are your choices?

Here at Bikesure we provide two options – short term motorbike insurance and flexible ‘Ride Any Bike’ insurance. Short term bike insurance is available for between one day and three months, and is designed specially for people who only ride their bikes in certain months, take theirs on holiday or need to attend events.

Our Ride Any Bike insurance works by extending the third party only cover usually provided by standard policies for riding other people’s bikes. If you have your own motorbike insurance that provides a ‘ride any bike’ benefit, Bikesure’s policy will enhance that to be comprehensive cover – giving peace of mind to you and the bike’s owner.

Which should you choose?

What type of cover you choose will depend largely on your circumstances and needs. Ride Any Bike insurance gives you the flexibility to ride anyone’s bike (with their permission of course!) without worrying about what happens if you have an accident, but you will need to have your own bikesure policy in place alongside it.

Short term bike cover, on the other hand, gives you the choice of exactly when your cover starts and ends, meaning you won’t pay for cover you don’t use, but your comprehensive cover will be restricted to just the bike on your own policy.

From one day motorcycle insurance cover through to policies that last three months, short term bike insurance is usually the best option for people who only want to usetheir own bikes at certain times of the year. Whether you want to take your bike on holiday for a few weeks or months, attend a bike show or even insure your bike whilst you try to sell it, short term policies give you the flexibility to get covered without paying a full premium.

After all that, which is best for you? Ultimately, whichever policy you choose will depend on what you need, whether you’re likely to only ride you bike for a short time in year or if you like the freedom of borrowing friends’ bikes.

To get help choosing, and to find out more about the benefits of each policy, call us today on 0800 587 9718 or complete the callback form to ask us to ring you at a time that suits.



How To Borrow A Bike And Get Short Term Bike Insurance

Reignite Your Passion For Biking – Borrow A Friend’s Motorbike

There are all sorts of reasons that people ride motorcycles. Whether it’s the sense of freedom that comes with two-wheeled cruising, the handy ability to weave through traffic or just the desire to look half as cool as the heroes from films and magazines do.

Chances are you love your bike, regardless of whether it’s your first set of wheels or something you’ve always dreamed of and have worked your way up to.
Despite the joy that can be gained from hitting the road on your own bike, inevitably us bikers end up eyeing up other people’s bikes and trying to seek out that same thrill we felt when we first straddled an engine.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of securing that ‘new bike rush’ is by borrowing a friend’s bike. Taking temporary ownership of a friend’s bike is a great way to reignite your passion for biking, as well as a good way for the owner to keep their bike on the road and in safe hands whilst they’re not using it.

Borrowing a bike can be useful for different periods of time too, whether you borrow it for an afternoon to enjoy the weather, a weekend getaway or even to take on a biking holiday – each will give you the chance to get back in touch with biking and enjoy a trip out at the same time.

The Practicalities of Bike Borrowing

So you’ve got your friend to agree to you borrowing their bike, and you’re ready to take to the road and head out on a biking holiday, weekend road trip or whatever takes your fancy – but what else needs considering before you go?

The number one problem facing people who borrow bikes is insurance – and both insurance to ride any bike and short-term bike insurance are solutions to that problem.

Whilst most, hopefully all in fact, bikers will have existing insurance policies for their own bikes, many of these will only provide third party cover for riding any other bikes. Whilst it should be perfectly legal to borrow another bike, insurance-wise, if you were to get into a scrape all the costs would come back on you and your friend.

It is however possible to get comprehensive insurance to ride any bike, and Bikesure’s ride any bike insurance does just that by adding an extension to any existing bike policy to enable you to be fully covered, whoever’s bike you’re on.

Bikesure’s policy will cover you for up to £5,000 for any damage to the bike provided it doesn’t belong to someone you live with, and covers any type of bike you are legally allowed to ride. It will also give you insurance to ride any bike you want to ride at any time, so you won’t need to fill out forms for every individual bike, giving you extra freedom to try any bike you fancy.


Getting Short Term Motorbike Insurance

If you aren’t currently insured to ride any bike, Bikesure’s short term motorcycle insurance is another good option.

Providing cover for periods between one day and three months, short-term bike insurance constitutes the ideal solution for people looking to travel on borrowed bikes to holidays, shows and events across the country. As long as you’re aged 19 or above, anything from one day bike insurance up to three months is available on any make or model of motorbike.

Short period motorbike insurance is also useful for bikes that you already own yourself. Many people only ride their bikes in warmer winter months, or take annual holidays on theirs and leave them in storage for the rest of the year.

To get more information on how to borrow a motorbike, and to find out all about Bikesure’s ‘flexride’ ride any bike insurance, or the short term motorbike insurance, give us a call today on 0800 587 9718, or complete the callback form on the website. | Specialist Motorcycle Insurance

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