Top tips for motorcycle tours in Europe

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Alpine road touring

Motorcycle touring is a great way to explore a country. You get to discover some of the most scenic roads and interesting places well off the normal tourist routes, but it also presents new challenges and potential problems. Whether you’re going solo or joining an organised tour, it pays to be prepared. Bikesure, the free-wheeling… Read more »

Summer motorcycling – looking cool, staying safe

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For most of the year in Britain, one of a motorcyclist’s biggest concerns is trying to stay warm, but once the sun comes out and temperatures start soaring, the problem is keeping your cool. You have to get the balance right between cooler clothing and adequate protection – no one wants to leave their newly… Read more »

The 2016 guide to electric scooters

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Artisan EV1200 scooter

Are electric scooters about to replace their petrol-driven counterparts as the dominant two-wheeled force on our roads? Improvements in battery technology in recent years have seen electric scooters increasingly become real contenders as an economical, environmentally-friendly option. While motorists still largely shy away from pricey electric cars because of range anxiety, scooters are increasingly seen… Read more »

Top American Hooligan racer for Dirt Quake V

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Chris Wiggins Hooligan Dirt Quake USA

King’s Lynn’s booming Dirt Quake motorbike festival is set to welcome one of America’s top flat track racers next weekend. Californian Chris Wiggins is a leading exponent of Hooligan racing, where riders race big heavy bikes at hair-raising speeds round an oval dirt track. The Hooligan class winner at Dirt Quake USA in June at… Read more »