How fast do 50cc and 125cc scooters go?

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First of all, what is a scooter?  A scooter is a motorcycle with a step-through frame and a platform for the rider’s feet – a design made possible through the position of the engine and drive system, both of which are either housed beneath the rider’s seat or attached to the rear axle. This style… Read more »

Best 400cc imports from Japan

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Kawasaki zxr400

Back in the nineties, the bikers of Britain were often found riding bikes made for the Japanese market. Exactly how did this happen, and what were the best bikes not officially sold here? Bikesure takes a freewheeling look at the world of grey imports. Please note that during the coronavirus outbreak, you should only be… Read more »

12 of the best 125cc motorbikes

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Yamaha MT 125

125cc bikes can be the perfect entry-level motorcycle for new riders, not least because you only need to have taken a compulsory basic training (CBT) course to ride them if you are a provisional licence holder. However, the bikes are enjoyed by both new and experienced riders, being easy to ride, appropriate for a range… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to ULEZ for Motorcycles

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The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in Central London was established in April 2019. If a vehicle enters the ULEZ and does not meet the required emissions standards, a £12.50 fee will be charged to the driver. Although the ULEZ affects all vehicles types, from mopeds to minibuses, this guide will help you understand the… Read more »