The ultimate guide to storing and protecting your motorcycle collection

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Correctly protecting and storing your motorcycles is one of the biggest challenges facing anyone lucky enough to have what they class as ‘a collection’. Failure to adequately look after them can have terrible, and often financially crippling, implications. This can cause real heartache to anyone who views their collection as either a future investment or… Read more »

The best commuter bikes on the market

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We love riding motorcycles. Hearing the sound of the engine and revving to the redline, yet motorcycles are also the best option for commuting, especially in cities. They’re cheap to run, easy to park and often have low emissions. Here’s a list of our favourite bikes for commuting: BMW F900XR The BMW F900XR is more… Read more »

Tips on choosing a new motorcycle battery

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Poorly functioning batteries are one of the most common causes of motorcycle breakdown. They tend to be difficult to reach and consequently often get overlooked. If your lights are dim or the starter sounds weak try charging the battery. If that doesn’t help, then you probably need a new one. It’s better to get a… Read more »

13 celebrities who love motorcycles as much as you

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Motorcycles are inherently cool, there’s just no getting away from it and if you don’t believe us, then why would some of the world’s biggest stars be riding them? There’s a whole host of famous faces who claim to love motorcycles, but these 13 celebrities are diehard fans of a two wheeler and love nothing… Read more »