How to look after your scooter this winter

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You may be inclined to believe winter is the end of your scootering journeys until the warm weather arrives in spring. However, the cold doesn’t have to be a roadblock between you and your pride and joy taking to the roads. Following the below tips will ensure you can carry on riding your scooter throughout… Read more »

8 of the Best 50cc Motorbikes

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best 50cc motorbikes

Eight of the best 50cc motorbikes If you’re itching for some freedom and ready for your first ride, a 50cc motorbike is a great option. In the UK, you can ride a 50cc motorbike when you’re 16 (applying for your provisional licence from 15 years and nine months), or in some European countries the age… Read more »

How to Get a UK Motorcycle Licence

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Can you ride a 125cc at 16? Do you need an A1 licence for a 50cc? Will you have to pass a theory test before getting on any bike? Motorcycle licences and the laws around riding on roads can be confusing. Knowing which motorcycle licence you need for different bikes largely depends on your age,… Read more »