Camping with motorcycles

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camping with motorcycle

With summer fast approaching, bikers up and down the country will be finalising plans for their big holiday trips. No matter how far you’re planning on going, Bikesure, the free-wheeling insurance broker, is here to help you choose the right tent. Obviously, what you choose will depend on the carrying capacity of your motorcycle. Lighter… Read more »

Motorcycles built for comfort

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Built for comfort… If like us, you’re a keen rider, you probably want to have something comfortable to sit on while you ride. Whether you’re looking for the perfect tourer or something comfortable for your commute, Bikesure, the free-wheeling insurance broker, has you covered. Honda Goldwing For the ultimate comfy riding experience, you’re probably going… Read more »

Your favourite Forever Bikes articles from 2018

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Throughout 2018 we’ve continued to celebrate the owners who have kept the same motorcycle for 30 years or more. They’ve shared their stories about the memories, the rebuilds and the joys of owning a classic bike for so long on our Bikesure Forever Bikes blog. Here’s the five most read articles of 2018 – and… Read more »

Motorcycles of World War 1

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November 11 2018 is the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. It was the first “modern” war, with mechanisation enabling destruction and death on scales hitherto unimaginable. Bikesure, the insurance brokers, takes a look back at how motorcycles were used in WWI. The start of the 20th century saw the British Empire… Read more »

What makes an ultimate motorcycle collection?

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ultimate motorcycle collection

It’s an age old question motorcyclists have been asking each other for decades. What makes the ultimate motorcycle collection? Is it a blend of new high-performance bikes mixed with stunning classics? Or is it made purely of the most expensive motorbikes on the planet? Either way it is of course completely subjective. One thing isn’t… Read more »