The best electric motorbikes you can actually buy in 2021

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electric motorcycles

Electric vehicles of all kinds have become a more regular sight in recent years, and electric motorbikes are no exception. With more affordable options appearing on the market, Bikesure takes a look at the latest lithium powered wonders out there for anyone considering abandoning the internal combustion engine. OK, there hasn’t been the huge breakthrough… Read more »

Imported motorbikes — how will they be affected by Brexit?

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imported motorbikes

The last-minute trade agreement between the UK and the EU means new imported motorbikes are unlikely to rise in price significantly as a result of changing trade tariffs now that Britain has quit the European Economic community.  The agreement means that new imported motorbikes will not incur extra trade tariffs that would have made them… Read more »

Do you need a Green Card for your motorbike in Europe?

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motorbike in europe

The Bikesure team clarify some of the uncertainties left by Brexit and answer your questions about Green Cards and whether you will need a Green Card to ride your motorbike in Europe. What is a Green Card? Green Cards are International Motor Insurance Certificates (IMICs) issued by insurers, guaranteeing that you hold the necessary third-party… Read more »