Modern day biker tribes 

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Motorcyclists have long been separated into different groups – or tribes if you will – some of the more notorious of these includes the likes of Mods, Rockers and the Hells Angels, but there has not been such a divisive group since the latter that is until the Hipster bikers started to emerge.  Despite the… Read more »

Your first moped: a guide to CBT

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  Discover everything you need to know about CBT, the first step all riders must take before heading out on the road on their moped. You’ve made the decision to buy your first moped. After all, it’s the perfect way for you to get around: it’s cheap to run and fun to ride. But before… Read more »

The funky world of factory customs

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Custom bikes, we love ‘em. Nothing like making your form of transport entirely your own, standing out from the crowd. But honestly, in our ultrafast modern world, who has time to sink hours into making their bike perfect? Well, luckily some manufacturers know the struggle is real, and are happy to make their own custom… Read more »

Lovely luggage for your motorcycle

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Whether you’re planning on doing a Ewan McGregor style tour of Europe or just need a bit of extra capacity travelling about town, picking the right luggage for your motorcycle can be tricky. Join Bikesure, the free-wheeling insurance broker, as it unpacks everything you need to know about motorcycle luggage, before packing it all up… Read more »

Bikesure teams up with BMF

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Britain’s bikers can benefit from big insurance discounts after specialist broker Bikesure teamed up with the country’s largest motorcycling organisation.