Top 10 Android Apps for Bikers

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After our exploration of iPhone apps for motorcyclists, we decided to check out some of the many apps available on the Android platform. After all, being a biker is not about fitting in, and who wants the same phone as EVERYONE else! Although I’ve called it a top 10, the apps are not listed in… Read more »

Bikesure @ Motorcycle Expo

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If you are in the motorcycle trade you are probably already aware of the Motorcycle Expo being held at the NEC from this Sunday 24th to Tuesday 26th of January. We will be there, of course, on stand 407, so please come and see us. The Bikesure Babes will be in attendance to hand out… Read more »

Holy Bike Leathers, Batman!

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BANG! WHACK! K-POW! You can’t get cooler than Batman, but even those of us who grew up watching Adam West biff the bad guys from his Batcycle, would probably not don a lurid Spandex one-piece before hitting the road. And the revamped outfits of Messrs Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney were hardly any more appealing to… Read more »

Yamaha R1 on influx

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Image by wordman1 via Flickr Over at influx, the online magazine of Adrian Flux and Bikesure, there is a great post about the new Yamaha R1, focusing particularly on Yamaha’s revolutionary cross-plane crankshaft. The post is attracting quite a lot of comment from bike fans, with debate over whether the awesome performance of the R1… Read more »

Sorry Sir, How many points?

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We’re not sure if this is a record, but a biker in Southampton has just been handed 39 penalty points for repeatedly speeding at speeds of up to 88mph in a 30 zone, as well as pulling a wheelie for the camera. He was also banned for 18 months and fined for his trouble –… Read more »