Ride to Work Week – 20th-26th June 2016

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Ride to work week fuel economy

Every year Ride to Work Week encourages motorists in the UK to put down their car keys and hop on a motorbike or scooter to experience life on two wheels. With this year’s theme of #commutehappy the team behind Ride to Work Week is hoping to educate commuters about the benefits of riding, rather than… Read more »

The best of Chinese 125cc motorcycles

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Last week, we ran through some of the most popular 125cc motorbikes from some of the biggest manufacturers. In the second part of our look at this growing sector of the market, we turn our attention to the rise of the Chinese market. When they first began appearing, Chinese motorcycles developed a bad reputation. And,… Read more »

The wonderful world of 125cc bikes

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Sales of 50cc to 125cc bikes make up roughly 70% of all motorcycles purchases in the UK. With motorcycle tests at some of the highest levels ever recorded, the market for learner-ready bikes is vibrant. Manufacturers have responded with a wide variety of models and styles, from those celebrating great designs of the past to… Read more »

A brief history of motorcycle sidecars

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Invented in France in 1893, sidecars predate the first production motorcycles, as they were originally designed for a newspaper competition to find the best method of carrying a passenger on a bicycle. In 1903 a patent for the motorcycle sidecar was submitted by Mr WJ Graham of Enfield in Middlesex, and the sidecar quickly exploded… Read more »