Full Chat podcast: Hailey Coxon on why the Isle of Man TT is the most unique race

Hailey Coxon

Motorsport journalist and presenter Hailey Coxon gives us a behind the scenes look from this year’s Isle of Man TT on the latest episode of motorcycling podcast Full Chat. 

Coxon is one of the UK’s most recognisable motorsport presenters having covered events such as the Isle of Man TT, European and World GT Championships, Formula 3, Formula 4 and the Le Mans 24 Hours series.  

She is the last guest on the first series of Bikesure’s podcast, hosted by former Olympic sprinter Iwan Thomas and footballer-turned-presenter David Prutton. And discussed a wide range of topics, including the performances of a previous guest, TT racer Peter Hickman

Hailey Coxon on why motorbike racing is more personal than other motorsport disciplines 

During the episode, Coxon spoke on how accessible the riders are during the TT compared to other motorsport disciplines that she’s presented for: 

“I don’t experience it anywhere else”, she explained. 

“I love MotoGP, I love the British Superbikes, I love all the endurance racing like Le Mans, I’ve been lucky enough to work at them and they’re all fantastic.

“But not one of them has ever been as accessible as the (Isle of Man) TT, and that’s what the fans appreciate. You can wander around in the day if there’s no racing and they’ll have the windows down and you can go and see the bikes, maybe even chat to them (the riders) if they’re around. 

“But they’ll also be out in the evening where you can see them on the island. It’s definitely a unique event from every angle. 

“Someone like Hicky (Hickman) for example, I watch what he does, and I’m not sure how he does it. He gives so much to the fans, he’s so open. 

“He’s a wanted man, so many people want him and he has so many media commitments, but he still goes out on the bike and manages to do what he does on the track.”

More episodes of Full Chat to come

Series one has crossed the finishing line, so there’s plenty more episodes from our motorcycling podcast to listen to if you’ve missed them.

You can listen to Full Chat on Spotify, Apple, YouTube or various other platforms if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

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August 8, 2023