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A lot of bikers would be happy to describe their motorcycle as their pride and joy. But according to recent figures, around seven out of ten bikers aren’t locking their bike up, making them an easy target for thieves. Luckily Bikesure has some top tips for making sure your bike is safe and secure.

Now some of you may be thinking, who’d steal my motorcycle? You need the keys to start it, you need to know how to ride it. And while those are good points, it’s useful to remember that a survey conducted by the National Criminal Intelligence Service indicated that more bikes in the UK are stolen each year than are bought new, with only 16% of stolen bikes being recovered. 

Safety starts at home

Another surprising statistic from the survey revealed around 80% of bikes are being stolen while parked at home. It does make sense, your motorcycle will probably spend more time at home than you, unless it’s your primary method of transport, giving unscrupulous types plenty of opportunity to clock it and take note of when you’re not around.

Many bikes will be stolen by groups of people, and if they are ‘professionals’, the process of stealing your bike can be over within a matter of seconds.  

Keep your bike out of sight

Security through obscurity is probably your best first line of defence. If you have a garage, or anywhere you can store your bike out of view, that will drastically reduce the chances of it being stolen. Even a simple motorcycle cover can help, if you don’t have any suitable places to keep it away from prying eyes.

Consider getting a ground anchor

Home security is where the big chain comes into its own, but it also needs a strong anchoring point.  Ground anchors come in a variety of shapes and strength, ranging from loops that can be bolted to walls or floors to units that need to be embedded in concrete. These do obviously require a good amount of effort to install – and the room to install it, too, naturally. Whether it’s something you need only you can decide, and if you already have a locked garage or similar space to keep your bike in, it may be unnecessary.

A barrier bar might be a good option

Luckily there’s another security product that renders the need to install an anchor point unnecessary, while also adding an extra layer of security. The Guardsman barrier bar is a metal bar that blocks the entrance to wherever you’re storing your bike. 

The idea is it makes it difficult to get the bike out either by sliding it under or lifting it over the bar. Additionally, the support post is attached so it can be customised with anchor points. As with any security method it’s not perfect, but does provide extra obstacles that could put off more opportunistic thieves.

Install security cameras

If you want the ultimate in home security, the next step is security cameras. The purpose of a security camera isn’t just preventative, ideally you need it to record good enough footage that if the worst does happen it can provide evidence not just for the police, but your insurance provider too. It’s important to make sure the cameras are only covering your property – , particularly makeing sure in particular that it doesn’t point at your next-door neighbour’s. 

Keeping your bike secure when out and about 

safe and secure
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Thankfully you don’t need to worry about transporting a gigantic chain around to keep your bike safe. Modern disk locks are a lightweight and effective way of stopping someone riding your bike away without your permission, and some come with electronic alarms that add an extra level of deterrence.

Many of the well known lock brands make disk brakes with and without alarms. Kryptonite, Oxford and Abus are all solid choices for anyone looking for a portable security solution, and are very affordable. You can also find cheaper options on some popular shopping websites.

If you’d still prefer the peace of mind that comes with attaching your bike to something, the LiteLok has been getting great reviews recently. It’s a lightweight lock that can still put up a good fight against people that might try and break it.

Something that’s been getting even more word of mouth, to the extent that you can currently only put your name down on a waiting list to buy one at some point in the future, is the HipLok D1000 D lock. It claims to be able to resist angle grinders, and does indeed look like a very solidly built lock.

Protect your most prized possession from thieves

Layering up on motorcycle security is always advisable, read our guides to the best motorbike chains and trackers; of course, insurance is another essential way to protect you and your bike against crime. Find out about our tailored motorbike insurance policies to keep your bike safe.