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The last couple of years have been pretty difficult for anyone wanting to tour Europe on a motorcycle. This year, just when the danger of the global pandemic was becoming more manageable, the rising costs of everything threw in another set of complications. Which is why Bikesure has put together a list of European biking holidays that won’t break the bank.


Starting off with somewhere simple, Ireland is a great affordable choice for a motorcycling holiday. With ferries going from Liverpool, Holyhead and Fishguard you can easily take your own bike, saving money by not having to hire one when you arrive. With an abundance of amazing roads taking you through stunning landscapes, Ireland is ideal for low cost touring.


Thanks to the Eurotunnel allowing motorcycles, France is another easy country to bring your own motorcycle to, and has some of the best roads for biking in the world. Eurostar is a great staging post for tours in a number of countries, with stations in Calais and Lille providing easy access to northern France and Belgium, as well as stops in Amsterdam and Paris.

The good thing about France is no matter where you start from, you’re going to be able to find something cool to drive past or to. You can even get a ferry from Poole or Portsmouth to Cherbourg, putting you right in the amazing landscape and roads of Normandy. Ferries leave for St Malo from Plymouth, giving you a nice starting point if you fancy some amazing seafood and a trip down to Le Mans.


The northern France to Belgium region shouldn’t be slept on by motorcyclists. With roads sweeping through river valleys and over hills it’s a picturesque and exciting place to drive through, containing much to explore for history nerds or landscape appreciators. 


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Tucked in between Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg is the ideal base for motorcycle tourists, but also well worth exploring in its own right. Routes like The Valley of the Seven Castles and the Gorge of the Wolf easily live up to the expectations created by their names, with sweeping, well maintained roads driving through stunning landscapes. For people looking to tick a lot of biker bucket list items off at once, Luxembourg gives you easy access to the Nürburgring, over the border in Germany, and the small but perfectly formed Vosges mountain range in northern France, to name but two.


It’s easy to reach north-west Germany from the UK, either travelling through Belgium or the Netherlands or via ferry to Hamburg. Reaching the prettier bits like the Black Forest is easier overland, but experienced riders may want to start from the northern port city to make the most of the autobahns.

The north itself shouldn’t be overlooked, offering stunning coastal routes along the Baltic Sea and, with Denmark and Sweden easily accessible, it gives you the chance to drive between countries via a road that transitions from under-sea tunnel to one of the longest bridges in Europe. 


Slightly further afield, Slovakia is another country that has been quietly hoarding stunning landscapes and roads that are perfect for exploring on motorcycles. The High Tatras mountains in the north of the country are passed by a motorway, offering breathtaking views, while the Gothic Route is a 171-mile loop, which will take you through picturesque towns and villages. Slovakia is a good choice for a cheap holiday as the cost of flights is surprisingly low and once there, it’s easy to find cheap motorcycle rentals and affordable accommodation.


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Another Eastern European country with a ridiculous amount of amazing mountain roads, Romania is another country you can find cheap flights for, with a number of companies offering motorcycle tour packages for well under £1,000. With roads like the Transalpina and Transfagarasan highways, not to mention the Transrarau Pass, Romania is one of the best countries for anyone looking for winding routes hairpinning up and down mountains. You can also explore the banks of the Danube and, of course, explore Bran Castle, which is thought to be the closest thing to Dracula’s castle, and the surrounding areas.


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Ferries also travel to northern Spain from the UK. From Bilbao you can go west and explore the coastline and surrounding countryside, including the Picos de Europa national park which is generally considered to be one of the finest areas for motorcycling in the world. Alternatively, head east and get stuck in to Basque country and the Pyrenees. With stunning semi-desert regions to be found as you turn towards the interior, Spain probably gives you more bang for your buck than any of the countries on this list when it comes to landscape variety.

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