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Trailer attached to a motorcycle
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Whether you’re staying in the UK or touring further afield, a motorcycle camper trailer is a great way of enjoying all the benefits of motorbike travel while having everything you need for your trip. In this blog, we outline what a motorcycle camper trailer is, how they work, and our round-up of the best ones on the market.

What is a motorcycle camper trailer?

Much like a regular trailer that attaches to a car or van, a motorcycle camper trailer is a small trailer that can attach to your bike while you ride. Many are equipped with tent and inflatable bed, and some even have an awning and table attached.

How do motorcycle camper trailers work?

Your motorcycle camper trailer is attached to your bike’s factory hitch (if you don’t have one included, you’ll have to purchase a suitable hitch).

Your engine must be 125cc or more to tow a small trailer – if you’re in doubt that your motorbike will be able to tow a specific trailer because of its size, it’s best to look at the guidelines for the specific trailer.

The government guidelines state that the trailer must be no more than one metre wide and marked permanently with its weight without a load. When the trailer is loaded, it must weigh no more than 150kg or two thirds the kerbside weight of your motorbike, whichever is lighter.

You’ll also need to make sure that there is no more than 2.5 metres between the rear axle of your bike and the end of the trailer.

Can anyone attach a trailer to their bike?

Most people suggest that if you’re a newly qualified biker and don’t have much experience on the road, you don’t immediately use a camper trailer. This is because the trailers can impact the way you ride, especially when it comes to handling and turning corners, because of the extra weight. It’s usually best to gain more experience and confidence beforehand.

What are the best motorcycle camper trailers?

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We’ve put together a list of the best motorcycle camper trailers. Whether you’re looking for a no-frills way to camp or a no-expenses-spared version, take a look at our list for more information. Please note that unfortunately a lot of these models are not currently available in the UK, so you might have to travel to purchase them.

Mini Camp: lightweight motorcycle camper

The Mini Camp motorcycle camper is a lightweight trailer suitable for bigger motorcycles like GoldWings and BMW. The camper has a number of optional extras, but in its original form it offers a:

  • Luggage rack
  • Door for easy access
  • Cushions
  • Carpet on the floor
  • LED lights
  • 425L luggage space inside the trailer

Campmaster trailer tents

Despite its size, the Campmaster trailer tent can accommodate up to two people and the bottom half of the trailer is empty, allowing you to store around 500 litres of equipment and personal possessions.

The tent can be assembled in around five to six minutes, making it perfect for a busy touring holiday or bike rally trip.

Aspen Classic

The Aspen Classic is a roomy camper trailer that can be set up in minutes. The trailer itself includes practically everything you need for your trip, including a foam mattress with cleanable covers.

The tent has an ample height, meaning most people will be able to stand up at their full height on cosy evenings.

Unfortunately the Aspen Classic is from the US, so it might be a little difficult to get your hands on. But if you do, we’re sure you’ll be able to camp in comfort.

Mini Mate Camper

The Mini Mate Camper is a great option for motorcycle camping trips. It comes with a range of different options, including the ability to add an extra room and awning.

In spite of its dinky size, the camper has it all, with LED lights, cushions and carpets added as standard. The tent is also made from heavy-duty water resistant canvas to prevent water infiltration.

Time Out Camper

The Time Out Camper offers a surprising amount of space considering the trailer itself is so small. The camper folds out into a living space with enough room to fit a queen sized bed and a place to relax complete with table and folding chair.

Even when the tent is folded into the trailer, you’ll still have ample space to fit your luggage and personal belongings for the trip.

Extra option: build your own

Scenic view of Tunnel mountain in Banff, Alberta with a small teardrop camper trailer in front
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As many of these options are only available in the US, another great option is to build your own motorcycle trailer for camping. You should be able to find an enclosed motorcycle trailer more easily than a trailer designed specifically for camping in the UK. This way, you can easily kit the trailer out with a tent, your personal possessions and camping equipment you might need, such as a way to cook food and portable camping shower.

Make sure you get insurance

At Bikesure, we offer competitive motorcycle insurance to suit your needs, whether you’re touring the country (or further afield!) or you’re going on an off-roading adventure.

We can also offer trailer insurance through our sister company Adrian Flux, which helps ensure your possessions are covered during your journey.