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The last-minute trade agreement between the UK and the EU means new imported motorbikes are unlikely to rise in price significantly as a result of changing trade tariffs now that Britain has quit the European Economic community. 

The agreement means that new imported motorbikes will not incur extra trade tariffs that would have made them more expensive.

There was concern that new bikes would have to be imported under World Trade Organisation (WTO) guidelines, which would have meant a 10% import tariff – an expense which manufacturers would probably have passed on to bike buyers.

The new Brexit trade agreement will allow imotorbikes to be brought in under the same trade rules that applied while the UK was a member of the EU. 

As a result, new motorcycles sold this year should cost roughly the same as models sold late last year, before the UK left the European Union.

The extension of the old trade agreement means that the importation of second hand bikes remains relatively straight forward, as long as you follow the DVLA rules on notification and registration of newly imported motorbikes

Imported motorbikes — Bikesure’s step-by-step guide

There are two types of imported motorbikes:

  • Parallel imports: A parallel import is a vehicle that’s been brought into the UK from another EU country. A parallel import will meet minimum UK standards but, sometimes, specifications are different. For example, the odometer on the imported motorbikes may record kilometres an hour rather than miles per hour. These imported motorbikes will be EU registered, but you should request  a European certificate of conformity from the manufacturer to prove this before any money changes hands.
  • Grey imports: Grey imports are imported motorbikes from outside the EU, often from China, Japan or the USA. Grey imported motorbikes are not EU approved so you will need to get them cleared to ensure they meet environmental and safety standards.It must be inspected under the Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval (MVSA) scheme and once it has, you’ll be able to register it.
  • imported motorbikes

Registering imported motorbikes

To register imported motorbikes you must meet a number of other legal obligations. You must:

You also tax the motorcycle when you register it with DVLA — there’s a £55 fee.

To register your imported motorcycle visit the government website.

Supporting documents needed to register imported motorbikes

There are a number of supporting documents that you will need to provide including:

  • proof of vehicle approval
  • form V267 (sometimes called the ‘declaration of newness’) if you’re registering a new vehicle
  • evidence showing the date the vehicle was collected, for example the invoice from the supplier
  • the original foreign registration certificate to show when the vehicle was manufactured

If you don’t have the original foreign registration certificate, DVLA might accept other proof of the date of manufacture, such as a letter from the manufacturer. (Copies are not accepted).

Even after you have sent all this extra documentation the DVLA may still require an inspection of your new machine.

Once you have completed the application process your imported motorbike will be registered and the V5C document, confirming the details of the registered keeper, proof of ownership and the specific details of the bike, should be issued within four weeks (though this may take longer during the current coronavirus crisis). You will need the V5C to get your number plates made.

Insuring imports simply and cheaply

Fortunately there aren’t as many hoops to jump through when it comes to insuring imported motorbikes. Bikesure are experienced in insuring parallel and grey imports and will be able to come up with a bespoke policy to meet your very special needs.

Bikesure has always specialised in markets that other insurance companies struggle to cover, so if you have an imported motorbike, scooter, or quad from Japan, China, the USA, or one of the other emerging markets such as Asia, we can help, even if no-one else can.

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