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While many riders swear off motorbiking completely in the winter, some enjoy the challenge of riding in cold and icy conditions – or they need to do so for work. If you’re one of the heroic few, we hope you’re wrapped up for the occasion. Take a look at our best winter motorcycle gear picks, from the toastiest gloves with added grip and dexterity to the warmest multi-layered jacket.

Best winter motorcycle gloves

Winter motorcycle gloves need to keep your hands warm, but there are some other features you should consider when it comes to choosing motorcycling gloves for winter. You should aim to find a pair of gloves that are lightweight enough so you can still feel the controls under your fingers. Extra grip also doesn’t hurt, nor does a waterproof coating.

With all that in mind, here are our top glove picks for motorbiking in the winter.

Dainese Universe Gore-Tex Gloves with Gore Grip Technology

Image of Universe Gore-Tex Gloves

Image source: Dainese

These Universe Gore-Tex Gloves mould to your hands in such a way that they help you retain your grip and dexterity for improved control. The gloves allow you to use touch screens, so even if you need to make deliveries in between rides, you don’t even need to take them off – ideal if you’re working in zero degree weather.

Made with premium goatskin leather, suede and Gore-Tex technology, these gloves provide breathable, waterproof comfort that helps prevent water coming in while letting perspiration out. The gloves even have a wisor wiper that allows you to clean your helmet’s screen quickly on the go when it’s raining.

These are probably best for milder winter days as whilst they have ample protection against the rain, they don’t have a warm lining.

Richa Arctic Textile Waterproof Gloves

Image of Richa Arctic Gloves

Image source: Richa

If you feel the cold, these would probably be a good fit for you. As the name suggests, Richa Arctic Textile Waterproof Gloves are designed specifically for winter riding.

They offer wind and waterproof internal membrane made from Hipora but also feature impact-resistant armour sections on the knuckles and other areas of impact to prevent abrasion and impact injuries. You’ll be pleased to know that this knuckle protection is approved to EN 13594, which is specifically for motorcycle riders.

The Arctic Waterproof Gloves also include reflective panels for night-time riding. For the season’s shorter days, this is a boon.

Some reviewers say that these gloves keep your hands very, very toasty. This is definitely not a bad thing when you’re riding at 30mph during the winter months, but you’ll probably need to find another set of gloves for riding in warmer weather.

Best face coverings for winter motorcycling

There aren’t many winter helmets on the market, and for good reason: most seasoned bikers will tell you to invest in a quality balaclava you can wear under your regular helmet. This will help protect against wind chill and trap body heat to keep you warm.

Alpinestars Touring Winter Balaclava

Image of Alpinestars Winter Touring Balaclava

Image source: Alpinestars

You might think that most balaclavas are the same, but there is a surprising amount of difference between models. Although Alpinestars’ offering is on the more expensive side for balaclavas, this one is designed specifically for long rides in winter so provides ample protection.

The Touring Winter Balaclava wicks moisture away from the skin quickly, so you won’t feel sweaty. It features an open nose panel so you can breath more easily and is made of stretchy material that ensures the face covering isn’t too tight. Please note that this balaclava comes in one size, so although it might feel a little tight at first, it should stretch to fit you well after some use.

The thing we like most about this balaclava for winter riding is that it covers part of the chest and back as well as the face and neck. That means no horrible drafts will be able to get in between the material of your balaclava and your jacket.

If you’re not keen on your mouth and nose being covered while you ride, the Open Face version of the balaclava could be a good alternative.

Knox Cold Killers Hot Hood Balaclava

Image of Cold Killers Hot Hood

Image source: Planet Knox

The Knox Hot Hood Balaclava is also another top find for this list. Warm and waterproof, this face covering will help ensure you can still feel your face while on your ride. It also offers neck protection (made from warm velboa fleece at that!) so you don’t have to purchase a separate neck warmer.

The Cold Killers Balaclava is fairly thin on the top and back. This might be a negative for those who really feel the cold. However, one review mentioned that it means the material doesn’t bunch up or make your helmet feel tight.

Best winter motorcycle jackets

For winter motorcycle jackets, you’ll want a mixture of things: protection from the wind and rain, but also the usual armour protection to prevent injuries from impact or abrasions. Our two picks include these features so you remain comfortable on every journey.

RST IOM TT Grandstand CE Textile Waterproof Jacket

Image of IOM TT Grandstand Textile Jacket

Image source: RST Moto

If you’re an Isle of Man TT fan (and which motorcyclist isn’t!?), this motorcycle jacket is a great option. Whether you’re looking for a jacket to keep you warm while commuting or off-roading, the Grandstand is ideal.

The IOM TT Textile Waterproof Jacket also includes body armour parts on the back, elbows and shoulders to help protect from impact, while its waterproof design will help keep the rain at bay – ideal for riding in the UK.

This jacket is surprisingly versatile. With a fixed mesh lining to promote airflow, a quilted thermal lining, and the waterproof and breathable lining too, the Grandstand CE Textile Jacket can actually be worn all year round. That makes it perfect for those on a budget.

Dainese D-Explorer 2 Gore-Tex Motorbike Jacket

Image of Dainese Explorer 2 Gore-Tex Jacket

Image source: Dainese

There are few materials as versatile as Gore-Tex, and the Dainese D-Explorer 2 Gore-Tex Motorbike Jacket uses these features and more to create an all-season adventure touring jacket. No matter your riding weather, Dainese claim that it can keep you dry, warm and well-ventilated throughout.

With a removable Gore-Tex insulated jacket that can be used separately, this product offers versatility through the roof. The jacket also features removable composite protectors on the elbows and shoulders, as well as a non-removable back protector on the Pro-Armor version, all of which are certified to EN 1621.1.

The Gore-Tex Motorbike Jacket has been designed for touring. Despite this, many reviewers use it on their commute and say that it works well.

Get extra protection from Bikesure

So there you have it: some amazing gear that will help you stay warm in the winter months. Of course, quality motorcycling gear doesn’t come cheap, so it’s usually best to get helmets and leathers insurance. This helps prevent you from having to fork out extra money should they become damaged.

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