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Person on their motorcycle in a basement parking complex

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It’s all very well talking about practical, sensible commuter motorcycles, but sometimes you want to show off. Bikesure takes a look at some commuter rides that will make you stand out from the crowd and get you to work in style.

There’s a lot of eye-catching motorcycles out there, in many different shapes and sizes. Everybody has a different idea of what image they want their motorcycle choice to project.  Luckily, there’s something for everyone, from retro-cool to sporty and futuristic. Here’s a selection of the most eye-catching bikes available now that’ll help you make the right impression.

Honda CMX500

Honda’s tribute to the Chopper will really help you stand out on the road. Its long, low slung silhouette recalls the past but it’s demonstrably a modern bike with all the mod cons you’d expect. Obviously, its length means it’s going to take up more road than, say, a scooter, but if you don’t need to be that nimble on your commute then the CMX will get you there in some style.

Kawasaki W800 CAFE

Kawasaki W800 Cafe

Image source: Kawasaki

The cafe racer has always been the UK’s most popular custom style, as its manoeuvrability makes it very much at home on our twisty city streets. Kawasaki’s readymade custom cafe racer captures the look perfectly, complete with fairing and chromed exhaust. Also available is a street version of the W800, without the fairing and about £600 cheaper.

Indian Scout 60

A big luxury American factory custom, the Scout is another chopper but with more of the look of a bobber about it. Which is easy enough when they already look pretty similar. It’s absurdly powerful 1000ccc water-cooled v-twin engine will make it clear to everyone in a wide radius where you are, and its good looks will doubtless impress anyone minded to check out what’s making all the racket.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

If you’re after something more authentically retro looking, then Royal Enfield’s latest Interceptor is a great choice. Royal Enfield is one of those manufacturers with a long and storied history, and this update of one of its classic machines pays homage to that past while updating the technology to bring it in line with modern standards.

Suzuki SV650x

Kawasaki W800 Cafe

Image source: Suzuki Bikes

The SV650 combines a classic cafe racer look with power and agility, ultimately proving you with a fun and invigorating commuter bike. Its retro-style seat really stands out from the crowd and its lightweight frame will make your commute feel smooth and comfortable.

KTM 790 Duke

The Duke is another modern bike, this time the angular, insectoid look is done up in vivid orange and black. It’s a speedy machine combined with expertly tuned handling, making it equally at home on city streets or motorways. This is the kind of bike you get if you want to impress other bikers.


If you’re after a bit of the old German engineering to get you about the town then BMW’s entry-level bike has a level of polish that takes it beyond what you’d normally expect when hearing the words ‘entry-level.’ It’s a solid bike for someone taking the next step beyond 125cc motorcycles.

Triumph Trident 660

Triumph Trident 660

Image source: Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph’s entry-level road bike is unmistakably modern, but with a design that is less angular and more curved than others. It’s got the levels of polish and refinement that have made Triumph one of the best manufacturers in the world, and an engine that’s equally capable handling itself at lower speeds and at high ones.

Yamaha Tricity 300

There’s standing out, and then there’s standing out. If you really want to stand out while you’re out for a spin then the Tricity 300 will lock itself into the memories of everyone you pass. Yes, it’s technically a scooter and technically not a motorcycle, but Yamaha’s three-wheeled marvel stands almost alone in the class of reverse tri-scooters and we think it looks pretty great.

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What motorcycles catch your eye? Have we missed any particularly flamboyant bikes? Let us know in the comments!