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New motorcycle rider riding around cones

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When you’re just starting out, the motorcycling world can be a little overwhelming. From choosing and buying your first bike and getting it insured, to knowing what gear to wear and how to stay safe on the roads, there’s a lot to learn in a short amount of time.

To help new scooter riders and would-be Harley enthusiasts alike, we’ve put together a 46-page PDF guide that will walk you through the basics of biking. Whether you’ve passed your test and are wondering what the next steps are, or are still just daydreaming of life on the open road, there’s guaranteed to be some helpful info in our guide for you.

Just a handful of the topics covered include:

  • What licence do you need to ride a motorbike?
  • Tips on finding cheaper bike insurance
  • Guides to buying your first set of protective clothing
  • Advice for biking in bad weather conditions
  • Simple bike maintenance tips
  • How to choose a fuel-efficient first bike

Our guide also includes checklists you can follow when you’re putting together your first bike kit, examples of great cheap bikes for learners to ride, case studies from real people looking for cheap insurance, and a really handy graphic showing you exactly what type of licence will let you ride the bike of your dreams.

Check out the guide by clicking the button above, and don’t forget to share it with any friends or family members who are also learning to ride.