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Last updated 27th May 2020

The open road beckons once again, albeit with a little caution, now the Government has relaxed guidelines for using your motorcycle during the coronavirus lockdown.

Non-essential travel is now permitted and there are no longer limits on how far you can travel in England though you will be prohibited from driving into Wales, Scotland or Ireland where strict lockdown is still being adhered to. 

Motorcyclists were previously only able to use their machines for what were deemed necessary or essential journeys to visit family or friends in line with government advice. Journeys to work were also allowed for key workers, as well as trips to the supermarket or to get medical supplies.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now announced a relaxation of strict lockdown, though the devolved nations have chosen to ignore his team’s new advice.

While being told to “stay alert and stay safe” bikers can now:

  • Ride out for a picnic, to sunbathe or relax
  • Ride to outdoor open spaces, beaches, the countryside and beauty spots irrespective of distance, but checking before setting out that car parks and other facilities are open to visitors
  • Ride out to play sports with members of their own household
  • Meet one other person outside, if they maintain social distancing of two metres
  • Ride with a pillion passenger, if that passenger is a member of their immediate household

The lockdown however means that bikers still cannot go on holiday nor visit and stay overnight at a holiday home, second home, or the home of a friend or relative that they are not permanently resident in. And they cannot meet with more than one member of another household for recreational purposes.

The Government is urging that those venturing out on their bikes, either for leisure or to return to work, should exercise caution at all times. 

The guidelines have not changed in Scotland, Wales or Ireland where journeys can only be made to carry out essential tasks, such as buying food or medication from a pharmacy, or delivering those goods to an elderly relative over the age of 70, (perhaps or anyone else who is classed as vulnerable by the government) or whom have been advised to stay indoors during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Motorcycles can also be used in these countries by ‘key workers’ including emergency services staff, government officials, teachers, health and social workers, supermarket and pharmacy employees, transport employees and key public services workers (i.e. judges, charity workers, journalists, broadcasters, religious staff and keyline service workers).

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Read the government’s latest travel advice in full. 


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