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It’s been a long hard winter but now it’s time to brush off the cobwebs and get yourself and your motorbike ready for the new biking season.

Most bikers will have their own checklist for prepping the bike before it comes out of winter hibernation. Just in case you don’t or you’re a first-timer, the Bikesure team have come up with their advice to help keep you running like a dream wherever the new biking season takes you. 

New biking seasons checks: 1 Tyres

new biking season - tyres

There’s nothing more deflating than a flat. Tyres lose pressure when bikes are left to stand, especially during particularly cold winter periods. 

Riding with low pressure is dangerous because handling will deteriorate. Check the pressure in both tyres and at the same time check for cracks in the sidewalls. Inspect the tread too. Worn tyres also affect the handling so if they are not up to the job of keeping you safe and stable on the road during the biking season, get them replaced.

New biking seasons checks: 2 Brakes

Inspect brake pads and check for leaks and cracks along the brake lines. Top up brake fluid  and test both brakes individually. If in doubt, get a professional to examine them. 

New biking season checks: 3 Oil and fluids

Check the oil, petrol, brake fluid, coolant and any hydraulic fluids. Top up if necessary or, if there is dirt in them or they have broken down and discoloured during the winter, drain and replace. It’s a good time to replace your oil filter too. Check on the floor beneath the bike for any tell-tale signs of leaks.

New biking seasons checks: 4 Battery

new biking season - battery

If you’ve had the battery on a trickle charge over the winter it should be in good shape, but if you haven’t, give it the once over. If the battery hasn’t got enough oomph to start the engine, or it discharges quickly, replace it. 

Make sure the battery terminals are clean and that all cables are secure for a trouble free biking season.

New biking season checks: 5 Electrics

Test your headlamp, indicators, brake lights and horn. Replace bulbs if necessary and keep a spare set in your tool box, because they could go at any time. 

New biking seasons checks: 6 Bike gear

If you’ve not worn your biking gear since the autumn don’t expect those leathers to fit. Try them on before your first ride out and replace them if necessary. Your gloves, boots and helmet will also wear, so think about replacing them for the new biking season. Check your helmet is in good shape too — if it isn’t, replace it.

While you’re at it check your breakdown kit is up to scratch. Even with these checks, you never know when you may need to use it. 

New biking seasons checks: 7 Stay safe

Remember, your safety should be your #No1 priority. You may not have ridden for a few months so remember to take it steady, be smooth on accelerating and braking, and take time to get a feel for the bike and the conditions.

New biking seasons checks: 8 Stay legal

Before cranking her up, ensure you have a valid MOT, road tax — unless they are exempt because of their age — and adequate insurance cover.

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