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Welcome back to the future. Bikesure takes its latest dive into the state of electric motorcycles, looking at the best bikes currently available and some of the most intriguing ones coming soon.


electric motorcycle

After many years of development Harley-Davidson finally released its first electric bike in 2019, the Livewire. Wasting no time, they are teasing future plans for further models. This includes a slimmed down version of the Livewire, as well as a previously shown scooter concept. 

The latter definitely has the potential to create a new batch of Harley owners from outside their increasingly elderly core buyers, and it’s good to see one of the big names experimenting with form factors outside of their established image. 

At £30k the Livewire is probably not going to win too many customers beyond the existing demographic. You will, however, be able to vicariously watch Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman driving them in their next TV series, Long Way Up.


zero electric motorcycle

Arguably one of the leaders of the electric motorcycle world, 2019 saw Zero releasing its first new model since 2016. With the latest in battery and motor technology included, the SRF is some top of the line motorbike, it costs about £10k less than the Livewire at £20k, and goes further per charge too. 


zapp electric motorcycle

Well known for their seminal electro funk sound and influence on hip hop, Zapp is of course nothing to do with the band behind such tracks as more bounce to the ounce

Instead, it’s a British company making a sleek, futuristic electric scooter that costs just a little over £5k. While electric scooters are going to be a giant hit with delivery companies in London trying to avoid ULEZ charges, they should also prove to be a hit with ordinary people in London who will equally be looking to avoid it.


electric motorcycle - curtis

Curtiss has spent the best part of 30 years producing some of the most distinctive motorcycles in the world. In 2017 the company announced plans to shift from V8 engines to electric, mainly to provide new challenges.

It also took the opportunity to change from Confederate to Curtiss. Due to be released in 2020, the Zeus 8 looks simultaneously very futuristic and as if it had rolled out of the past, with the classic bobber silhouette. Utilising extensive 3d printed components, this is one luxury bike that will have the few people who own one feeling righteously smug.


electric motorcycle - verge

Previously known as RMK, Verge has been designing their electric motorcycle for a number of years, and some kind of release is planned for 2020. 

With a motor integrated into the hubless rear wheel, it’s another sign that designers are starting to push the envelope of motorcycle design into new shapes. Of course this high tech doesn’t come cheap, but at around £20k (at current exchange rates) it’s comparable with the Zero SRF, and in terms of giving you that future shock it’s easily the equal of the Curtiss.


electric motorcycle - newron

A lot of the big noise in the world of electric bikes is caused by incredibly expensive bikes sold in tiny quantities. Newron is taking it to a whole new level. 

The bike, which will cost £50k, is fitted with a curved wooden fairing and a gigantic cylindrical centre unit which makes it look like it’s rolled straight out of a mid-budget sci fi film. 

Super Soco

super surco - electric motorcycle

Let’s take a detour from the world of millionairebait motorcycles into the world of the actually available and not that expensive.Super Soco has four models, three under £3k and one under £5k. Certainly in terms of actual electric motorcycles that you might actually stand a chance of owning, this is basically the one.


electric motorcycle - cake

One of the advantages of electric drive systems is they allow designers to be a lot looser with the way motorcycles look. Cake has two styles of bike, the more traditionalKalk, which is available in offroad and street legal versions for €14k and theOsa, which starts at about half that price. 

The OSA is modular, and can be customised as a cargo bike, or given a passenger seat. It’s certainly different from the standard motorcycle, but it’s sturdy central bar is extremely distinctive and should allow you to continue to tailor it to your needs for many years.

Sur Ron

electric motorcycle - tacita

The master of off-road electric is planning on adding a new bike, the Storm, to the current line-up in 2020. Like their previous LB-X series, it’s a full dirt bike, but more substantial and presumably has larger batteries than its older sibling, which, being designed for offroad sports, doesn’t have the range of some electric motorcycles.


electric motorcycle - cezeta

If you’re after one of the best looking scooters, electric or otherwise, you have an ever decreasing amount of time before our relationship with the EU is changed and possibly makes importing far more expensive than now.

The Cezeta is one of the most distinctive scooters in the world, and while you’ll have to have it shipped from Czechia (or, best case scenario, from its dealer in France) adding more money to the already fairly substantial price tag, if you’re looking for a scooter that’ll make all other scooters feel inadequate then, frankly, this should be the top of your list.


electric motorcycle - tacita

Another new contender, Tacita is an Italian company hoping to release street and rally bikes and enter the Dakar Rally every year until 2023. The company’s first appearance was in January 2020, adding to the small but growing group of electric vehicles attempting this race.


electric motorcycle - niu

One of the most readily available brands of electric scooter at the moment, Niu’s range is already comprehensive and is set to expand even further in 2020 with the addition of motorcycles. 

The range includes comprehensive data logging, which can be used as a burglar alarm and for diagnostics. The new motorcycle, which is called the Niu RQi-GT, could well be the most affordable and powerful electric motorcycle, pound for pound, when it’s launched.

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  • With the market for electric vehicles finally showing signs of moving beyond enthusiasts and into the edges of the mainstream we’ll definitely be seeing more companies get in on the action in 2020. What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!



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