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A newcomer to the electric scooter market is hitting the streets with the arrival of the NIU –  tipped to become “the new Vespa” according to Forbes

As electric scooters go, the NIU is flying with massive sales across Europe and impressive pre-orders now it has launched in the UK.

A NIU can cost as little as £1,699 or (minus OLEV grant) £1,359 + OTR with 2 year warranty on the bike and 3year warranty of the battery.

With zero emissions, exceptional build quality, lightweight construction and zero-carbon footprint, the NIU promises a new chapter in “earth-kind travel” at a price to please.

You can be out and on the road for as little as £1359 + OTR as above and with virtually no running costs, that makes it incredibly cheap biking. Top-of-the range models, meanwhile, come in at under four grand.

The NIU is powered by a compact and lightweight 8-10kg battery (depending on model) which you can remove and charge in approximately 3.5hrs at home or in the office and it has a range of  up to a 100 miles.

Developed from a Kickstarter crowdfunding  project and co-founded by Li Yi Nan, and Token Hu – formerly of Microsoft – the NIU has received rave reviews.

Forbes were quoted stating, this electric scooter was “Very likely to become the new Vespa”.

It is praise indeed to receive favorable comparisons to possibly the world’s most iconic and trend-setting scooter brand.

NUI electric scooter

NIU’s five model range

NIU boasts five models to compete in the electric scooter market. These are: 

  • The NGT with three drive modes: Sport, Dynamic and E-Save
  • The M+ an electric bike built for two
  • The N series which delivers four days of typical urban commuting
  • The M series which injects electric spark in heritage scooter design, and
  • The U series, a smart scooter purpose built for the city.
NIU electric scooter

Vicky Harvey, Marketing Manager at Sinnis the UK distributors for NIU said: “We have sold out of the first three stock batches of NGT and the N series, and taking heavy pre-orders on the new U Pro.

“By the time we receive the next batch of NGT’s, we will have already sold 160 into UK dealers.”

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NUI electric scooter

Five reasons to buy an electric scooter

Here are five reasons why Vicky thinks people should buy an electric scooter:

  1. They produce zero emissions and zero carbon footprint
  2. Compared to traditional carbon fuel they cost virtually nothing to run.
  3. The electric scooter also beats public transport costs
  4. There are almost no servicing costs or mechanical maintenance with minimal moving parts
  5. Electric scooters are exempt from standard rate vehicle tax and the London congestion charge.

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