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Wearing a motorcycle helmet is essential for safety and it’s a legal requirement in the UK, but it comes at a cost – horrid helmet hair and that’s a shocker!

A helmet makes hair greasy, flat and frizzy, which is not an attractive sight. Here’s some tips on how to fix the problem.

helmet hair

Bikesure tackling helmet hair

Always ready to help, the team at Bikesure offer some handy tips on travel-size products you can pop into the pannier in order to sort out your horrid helmet hair after a ride. Hair can quickly become greasy from perspiration caused by wearing a helmet. On Gotiny there are miniature sizes for lots of hair products including dry shampoo spray, which is great for controlling greasy hair. There are also small cans of hairspray available to quickly restyle hair.

If hairspray is simply not enough to sort out your post-ride hair crisis then portable straighteners may well be the answer. It is not necessary to have a power source to revitalise locks as some straighteners are battery powered so that hair can be tidied up just about anywhere.

When restyling it is important to be able to see what you’re doing. You can try squinting in your bike mirrors, but for a more comfortable solution look no further than fancymetalgoods which offers an extensive range of cute, compact mirrors to take with you.

For the true travelling diva a bag is required to carry her multitude of essential products. The dakine diva travel bag looks stylish and has space for a host of toiletries and accessories.

For those who may not want the hassle of constantly restyling then there is another solution: a hat. Over at hats and caps there are plenty of different styles to hide away helmet hair once you’ve taken off your helmet.

Look good and feel smug with a great Bikesure insurance deal

You could also try talking to the team at Bikesure about how to beat horrid helmet hair but they would far rather spend their time sorting you out some remarkably good value insurance deals. Their best deals are always available on the phone: 0333 259 6662.

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