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Police in London have geared up their offensive against spiralling motorcycle crime by investing in two high-powered BMW scramblers.

The BMW scramblers will be deployed in moped and motorcycle crime spots and the Metropolitan Police hope the new bikes will help drive miscreant motorcycle riders off the road once and for all.

The Met is also bringing in wider use of stinger devices and “DNA sprays” in a bid to stop up to 8,000 “moped-enabled” crimes in the first city last year – that’s 16 times what is was just five years before.

DNA sprays can be sprayed onto fleeing moped thieves and then picked up by UV light if they are later caught.

Stingers meanwhile can be used to deflate the tyres of criminals trying to escape on scooters involved in pursuits.

BMW scramblers will augment Operation Venice

The acquisition of the BMW scramblers is the latest tactic in the the Met’s campaign to crackdown on motorcycle crim, operation Venice.

Supported by motorcycle insurance experts at Bikesure, Operation Venice encourages motorcycle owners to “layer-up” their bike security to limit the chances of them becoming victims of crime.

In recent months mopeds and motorcycles have been used in a rising number of acid attacks, handbag and mobile phone thefts, street robberies, assaults and for couriering drugs and the cash proceeds of other crime.

BMW scramblers

Gangs choose motorcycles for quick getaways

Gangs favour the motorcycles because they can make swift getaways, the helmets provide a degree of disguise and, if they remove their helmets, police can be reluctant to chase them in case the suspect if hurt in a fall.

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick said: “I was angered by the apparent perception among some criminals that they could operate with near impunity, committing strings of offences using scooters.

“We have brought all our tactics and specialists together to use every ethical option to put a stop to the rise; arrest those responsible; disrupt offenders; dismantle the criminal markets that make these offences lucrative and change the public’s behaviour to make them a part of our effort.”

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