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Bike crime is soaring but there is good news for bikers as motorcycle tracker company BikeTrac has recorded its most successful summer of recoveries.

So far this year, 248 BikeTrac-fitted motorcycles have been stolen, and the company says almost 90 per cent (220) were safely recovered.

BikeTrac’s Sales & Marketing Director Bill Taylor said: “Summer is our busiest period because more bikes are on the road, but what this summer showed is that bike theft is rife and thieves are starting to target a wider range of machines.

“While our statistics are unique to what we sell and protect, we’ve seen a trend moving slightly towards smaller machines.

“We’ve recovered more bikes, but the total value of bikes recovered has dropped, mainly down to us recovering smaller, less valuable machines.”

BikeTrac motorcycle tracker firm finds £1.4 million worth of bikes

In hard cash terms, the motorcycle tracker company recovered machines worth in excess of £1.4m in the past 12 months.

With an increasing number of bikes being stolen, a motorcycle tracker often provides one of the most effective means of getting your machine back quickly and safely

Motorbike theft seems to be spiralling throughout the country with London, not surprisingly,  a crime hot-spot.

For the 12 months ending July 31 2017, there were 14,868 thefts of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles reported to the Metropolitan Police – that’s up almost 3,000 on the previous 12 month period.

In 2015 the Met launched Operation Venice, which tackles the theft of motorcycles and their use in other crimes, such as mobile phone snatches, acid attacks, smash and grabs and drug running.

motorcycle tracker

A motorcycle tracker can help cut the cost of your insurance

Thatcham-assured motorcycle tracker devices and additional security make perfect sense when it comes to keeping your bike safe and getting it back if it should be stolen, but these precautions can also help get you cheaper insurance too.

Specialist motorcycle insurer Bikesure can offer special discounts for bikers who take special measures to keep their rides safe.

But there are many other ways to ensure you get Bikesure’s best motorcycle insurance deal.

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