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Metropolitan Police have started trialling hydrogen fuel cell scooters.

Suzuki has loaned the seven Burgman motorcycles to the organisation free of charge and they will be used by Police Community Support Officers during the 18 month trial.

This type of vehicle uses a fuel cell to convert hydrogen into electricity, which then drives the electric motors.

Hydrogen fuel cell scooters are zero-emission

The result is a zero-emission scooter that can be refuelled almost instantly, in contrast to battery-powered electric vehicles which require several hours’ charging. The hydrogen fuel cell scooters will have a range of around 75 miles on a single charge.

Police Commander Neil Jerome said: “Being the UK’s largest police service we constantly have vehicles on the roads and therefore it is our aim to make our fleet as clean as we can, while maintaining operational capability.

“We are thankful to Suzuki and our partners and look forward with optimism about this trial.

“Through collaborative partnerships and innovative testing such as this, we can gain real-life experience of how we can progress our ambition and create a cleaner fleet that will benefit London and the service we provide.”

hydrogen fuel cell scooters

Hydrogen fuel cell scooters trial is an ‘honour’

Suzuki GB Managing Director, Nobuo Suyama, said: “Suzuki are extremely honoured to be able to showcase the Burgman Fuel Cell and gain valuable feedback from this important trial with the Met.

“Operational data from the trial will be gathered and used to support Suzuki zero emission vehicle development programmes.

“Deploying these vehicles into service with the Met marks a significant milestone in the extensive development of this ground-breaking technology.

“Being able to release the Suzuki Burgman Fuel Cell to the Met has only been made possible by the support of a number of technology partners, including Intelligent Energy Ltd, with whom Suzuki has jointly developed the Fuel Cell unit for the scooter.”

The Burgman hydrogen fuel cell scooter is not yet available commercially.

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