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A young motorcyclist is gearing up for a world motorcycle tour to raise cash in memory of a close friend who died from a rare bowel disease.

Ben King, from Croxley Green in Hertfordshire will set off on his solo world motorcycle tour on a Honda CRF250L on Sunday, August 13, 2017.

The 21 year old explained: “The plan was originally to ride from the UK to India, and after looking at a map I thought maybe I could travel overland beyond India to New Zealand where my sister lives.

“But I was still really keen to ride the Trans-America Trail in the States, and ride across Russia.

“After months of trying to decide which route to take I thought ‘why not just do it all?’

“So my new plan was decided: Travel around the world on my motorcycle!”

world motorcycle tour

The world motorcycle tour “on my mind for years”

During the world motorcycle tour he will raise money for St Mark’s Hospital, in Harrow, which cared for a friend who died from complications caused by Crohn’s disease.

Having taken months to plan the expedition as a fundraising adventure, Ben said: “I can’t believe the trip is so soon. I feel terrified but excited. This trip has been on my mind for years.

“The next time I set foot in the UK, I will have been around the world.

“I’m aiming do it in two or three years as that will make me the youngest person to finish the trip, however, if I enjoy myself I may stay abroad longer – perhaps even for 10 years.

“I’m most looking forward to Iran, as I have heard it is incredible, but Siberia should be interesting too, as temperatures will be around -47C. I can’t wait to see the rest of Europe too.”

world motorcycle tour

Ben: no stranger to road-trips but world motorcycle tour is longest yet

He said: “When I was 17 I flew to Asia where I bought my first motorcycle, a Honda 125cc, and travelled overland from Malaysia to Vietnam.

“Two years later I travelled through South America on another Honda, starting from Colombia, but I didn’t make the entire length of the continent because I had an accident.

“I had to resort to travelling by buses the rest of the way, which just wasn’t the same!” he explained.

Ben only passed his UK motorcycle test seven months ago after having to learn how to ride in this country.


world motorcycle tour

New bike run-in on “little European jaunt” before world motorcycle tour

When he picked up his world motorcycle tour bike he celebrated with a little jaunt down to France and Spain and spent a week trail riding in The Pyrenees.

He said: “It was a great test of the bike and all my gear. I was blown away with how well my bike handled everything I threw at her.

“I have complete confidence that this was the right bike for this trip and will help me successfully circumnavigate the world!”

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