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The Monkey Run is back and this time The Adventurists are off to Peru, where you could join them on their epic motorcycle journey through the Amazon rainforest.

Having previously taken the Monkey Run around Morocco, ‘the dawn of a new adventure’ will now take place on a different continent, which will provide challenges as difficult as the scenery will be glorious as riders travel through the Andes and the Amazon rainforest.

Riders will compete on ‘Monkey bikes’ which are considerably smaller than your average motorcycle, barely reaching knee height. Their small stature means their wheels can fit onto the Andean mountain passes and squeeze between Amazonian tree roots better than anything from a BMW forecourt and are incredibly light to carry if they break down, making them the ideal mode of transport for modern-day adventure, especially in Peru.

Being low to the ground means the bikes feel fast, but in reality give you enough time to appreciate stunning Andean mountainscapes and marvel at incredible jungle plants and animals, whilst having just enough horsepower to get the ‘hell out of there’ when you realise that the photogenic tree roots you’re looking at are actually home to a family of pit vipers.

'Monkey Run'

The Adventurists are adventure fanatics, as their name would suggest, and are so keen for riders to explore the stunning scenery they have not even set a route. The first ever Peruvian Monkey Run will see competitors start ‘somewhere near Ayacucho’ and finishing ‘more or less in Atalyaya’, riders will be left to their own devices to find the finish line.

Mr Joolz of The Adventurists believes pushing riders to find their own route is one of the most fun aspects of the Monkey Run and believes entrants should expect a difficult journey ahead.

He said: “There’s a lot of machoism in the world of adventure, with people feeling if they’re enjoying something it can’t be real adventure. Of course this is nonsense.

“It’s true that adventure should push boundaries and this generally means some discomfort, but who said you can’t have fun at the same time? And Monkey Bikes certainly offer that.

“What’s more, the bikes are always a talking point and put a smile on people’s faces wherever they go, helping break down language barriers and facilitating engagement with different cultures; and the culture and people of Peru are what any trip there should really be about.”

The Adventurists are no strangers to organising motorcycle events having planned The Mongol Rally, The Icarus Trophy – the first long-distance paramotor race –  and the Rickshaw Run across India.

Entrants do not need to hold a motorcycle licence but are advised it’s best if you do have previous experience on two wheels. The event itself will take place from the 7th-15th September.

Head over to to find out more information and to find out how to sign up.

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