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You don’t need a Met Office weather warning to realise we haven’t yet seen the last of this winter’s sub-zero temperatures.

Wintertime is a notoriously bad season for bikers. The roads can be slippery and the days are short and dark; it’s even worse when it’s brass monkey weather. If you are not fully prepared, your extremities can go numb with cold and the wicked wind-chill can cut through you.

There are some wonderful and eye-catching weatherproof leathers on the market but we decided to take a peek beneath to discover what else you can wear to keep warm when the temperatures plummet.


These stop the draught creeping up under your helmet but you have to be careful about the fogging up factor on cold mornings. Take a good look around on sites such as Get Geared to find what suits you.


Alpinestars Balaclava

Tops, leggings and all-in-one suits.

Made from thermal fabric these not only provide warmth but they stop leathers chafing and make putting on a one-piece leather suit easier. Choose one that is easily washed if you want to keep your friends. SportsBikeShop has a variety to choose from.

Neck tubes and neck and body warmers.

Neck tubes range from a simple snood style to an extra long version that covers the shoulders and prevents the wind getting through the top of your jacket. Some models are attached to full body warmers for extra heat retention. There are even different coloured neck tubes at Sea Star Superbikes.

Heated vests, arm warmers and gloves.

These are the ultimate way to keep warm. They have an electronic connection that plugs into a 12 volt supply to heat the garment. Get Geared has a full range of heated motorcycle clothing for him and for her.

Keis heated body warmer

Keis heated body warmer

Heated socks.

Heating elements ensure the heat is from the top of the sock right down to the toes to keep a rider’s feet toasty warm. There are some 12v and 7v plug-in heated socks at Gerbing’s.

Heated seats:

If all else fails invest in a heated seat which will keep your core warm in the most inclement conditions. They are easy to fit, barely detectable once in use and they have a range of fast response heat settings to ensure your personal assets stay warm no matter how far the temperature drops.

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