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For most of the year in Britain, one of a motorcyclist’s biggest concerns is trying to stay warm, but once the sun comes out and temperatures start soaring, the problem is keeping your cool.

You have to get the balance right between cooler clothing and adequate protection – no one wants to leave their newly acquired tan behind on the road if they come off!

To help you keep both cool and safe on the roads this summer, we’ve taken a look through some of the best kit out there.

Bikesure’s Summer Biking Kit Suggestions:

Get Geared has a great selection of summer gear for motorcyclists including specialised motorcycle helmets with vent systems for serious cooling. Helmets like the Bell Revolver are fully modular and come with a huge number of vents to help the breeze circulate on a hot day, and many come with alternate visors for blocking out UV light, or acting like polarised glasses in the sun.

Bell Revolver

Bikers are spoiled for choice when it comes to gloves for the summer. From leather to textiles, and gloves in practically every style, there’s a pair to choose that will go with whatever else you wear. A lot of gloves manage to be both breathable and waterproof, but you’re best avoiding the padded or winter-proof ones unless you want sweaty palms. Visordown has a useful guide to the top 10 summer gloves.

Motorcycle summer jackets are often shorter and have a thinner liner than winter jackets. But check that they still offer good protection as this can vary widely in so-called summer jackets. If you want to look good it pays to buy a quality jacket, one that won’t fill up with wind like a hot air balloon. Find a dealer such as the Two Wheel Centre and ring up to ask advice.

Draggin Jeans are the latest in cool motorcycle trousers. They look like normal denims but are made with Kevlar, a man-made fibre which offers incredible abrasion, cut and heat resistance. Despite its softness, Draggin’ Jeans have achieved the same CE certification as leathers.

Kevlar jeans

Even if you’re just after a simple summer touring boot for summer rides it still needs to fit properly. The way to get the best fit is to visit a dealer and try on as many different boots as possible. Remember that it shouldn’t be too tight or else after about 50 miles or so it will start aching no matter how good the cooling technology.

The golden rule with all motorcycle kit is to go for the best you can afford. It’s going to last a long time, look stylish and it could end up saving your life.

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