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Every year Ride to Work Week encourages motorists in the UK to put down their car keys and hop on a motorbike or scooter to experience life on two wheels.

With this year’s theme of #commutehappy the team behind Ride to Work Week is hoping to educate commuters about the benefits of riding, rather than driving, to work.

From shorter commute times and easier parking, to the amount you could save on petrol and the sheer joy of riding a motorbike in the summer, Ride to Work Week provides some pretty compelling reasons to take to your bike.

And with summer finally underway, there couldn’t be a better time to give riding a go.



Why commute by bike?

Obviously, here at Bikesure, we’re big fans of everything two-wheeled, and are always happy to see more people swapping their car for a bike or scooter.

To help convince would-be bikers of the benefits of riding to work instead of driving, the Motorcycle Industry Association, the people behind Ride to Work Week, have come up with four top reasons:

  • Saving time – not only can you nip through traffic on a bike, but a study recently found that if just 25% of us switched from cars to bikes we could completely eliminate congestions on our roads
  • Save money – it’s no secret that bikes are much cheaper to run than cars. Why not see how much you save during Ride to Work Week, and work out how much you’d save with a permanent change?
  • Make the roads safer – the Motorcycle Industry Association and the National Police Chiefs’ Council released a report considering the idea that having more bikes on the roads would increase motorist’s awareness of them, and thus reduce accidents
  • Be happy – according to a one off report from the Office for National Statistics, commuting via motorcycle, scooter, or moped was found to have roughly half the negative impact on your happiness as journeys in a car or on public transport

How to get involved

From June 20 to 26, events will be taking place across the UK to mark Ride to Work Week, from ‘biker breakfasts’ and rider meet-ups, to new VIP parking areas for bikers and free CBT giveaways.

Nationwide Ride To Work events include:

  • A programme of events and free ride opportunities in Northamptonshire, home of the first County Council in the UK to actively encourage a shift towards motorcycling. Booking is via
  • IAM is offering FREE ‘buddy’ advanced taster rides for licence holders who want to check out their commute with a local advanced observer
  • BikeSafe is holding a special ‘Bridging the Gap’ weekend workshop on June 18th and 19th at Northamptonshire Police Headquarters for riders who want to improve their riding

Throughout the week riders can share their commuting experiences and pictures on the campaign Facebook and Twitter accounts using #commutehappy, while the official Facebook page will be running promotions and giveaways for all sorts of biker kit.

If you’re interested in running your own event, special hi-viz vests and t-shirts are available from Ride To Work by contacting Stevie or Sandra via [email protected]

Just like last year, here in the Bikesure offices we’re getting involved and encouraging all of our staff to take part in Ride to Work Week.

For all the bikers in our team, we’re offering dress-down days on every day that they ride to work, and also giving every biker one entry into a raffle to win shopping vouchers for every day of the week that they use their bike.

Our colleagues who don’t ride won’t be missing out though – we’re also running a competition for two people to win a free CBT, helping them take the first steps to being a biker.

Will you be swapping four wheels for two this June? What are your experiences of commuting by bike rather than car?

Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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