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You might think that you need a Scrooge McDuck-scale money pit to get involved in motorsport, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to get started without breaking the bank. Bikesure, the freewheeling insurance brokers, takes a look at everything you’ll need to know if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a contender – except the cash.

There are two main schools of motorcycle sport, which can loosely be reduced to road racing and off-road. The basic requirements for most motorcycle sports include: safety gear, a suitable bike, transportation for the bike if it isn’t road legal, and somewhere to race and practice. It also helps to be “bike fit”, and having at least half an idea how your bike works and how to fix it will also serve you well.

If you decide to pursue the hobby competitively you’ll need a licence for your chosen sport and to be a member of a club. Most of the big names in motorsports started as kids, but there is plenty of room for people of any age and skill level to get involved, with a wide variety of competitions for amateurs and rookies.

There are a number of organisations that organise and govern motorcycle sports in the UK. The three main ones are the Auto-Cycle Union, the Amateur Motorcycle Association and the Motocross Federation, who between them are affiliated with hundreds of clubs. Most competitions and events require participants to have a racing licence from one of these organisations, though you can sign up for a one-off day licence if you don’t feel like committing.

Here’s our list of the best cheapest and most accessible motorsports:

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