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“Look mum, no hands!”

From the moment you first perfect no-hands cycling, to impressing your mates with a wheelie and taking that first tentative roll down a ramp at the local skate park – we all grow up with a little bit of stuntman inside us.

But there’s always someone who takes it too far.


Whether they’re standing on top of planes, jumping over famous landmarks or strapping rockets to their bikes in pursuit of world records, there’s no denying that the stunt men and women of the world are just a little bit crazy.

For decades now we’ve all been blown away by the exploits of these motorcycle daredevils, from the likes of Evel Knievel and The Human Fly, through to newcomers like Robbie Maddison and Sarah Lezito.

To celebrate the death-defying achievements of our stunting heroes, we’ve put together a brand new site with all of our favourites, from the early pioneers of motorbike stunts, through to the modern-day greats.

Click the image below to check out our list of the greatest ever stuntmen.

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