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This time last year, superbike legend Carl “Foggy” Fogarty was busy munching through ostrich anus and camel penis on his way to being crowned King of the Jungle.

The reigning I’m a Celebrity… champ will touch down in Australia this weekend to join the ITV team in the jungle and hand over his coveted crown to this year’s winner.

We caught up with Bikesure’s ambassador pre-flight to get his views on Lady C, his tip for the winner and his memories of his time in the jungle:

Bikesure: What is your abiding memory from last year’s I’m a Celeb?

Foggy: Winning it. The most memorable thing was in the last hour of the last day, thinking you are going to come third, then Mel goes, OK I’ll come second, and then to be announced the winner of the biggest celebrity TV show in the UK was just mental. I dropped to my knees and the rest of the day was just a blur. It was the most amazing experience and you forget how hard it was.

Foggy I'm a Celebrity

That first 12 to 24 hours in there I thought “what the hell have I done?” I couldn’t sleep, I was up and down and in and out of the diary shed – I couldn’t stop feeling nervous and shaking. I thought it might take a few days to detox but I was detoxing in the first hour!

My favourite bits were completing the challenges – they were the most physical things I’ve ever done in my life. The boulderdash challenge, having had little food for two weeks, my fitness had gone and it was one of the hottest days in there, and I had to do this ridiculous challenge with all sorts of stuff being thrown at me – it was so hard and I could not believe I did it.

For two days after that I was flat and exhausted. To win all the stars for everybody felt really good because after two stars I thought I couldn’t physically do it.

Bikesure: You said at the time: “If I was to be crowned King of the Jungle it would just be one of the most incredible, if not the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my whole life.” How do you feel about it all now?

Foggy: It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. You get a bit carried away with the emotion of it at the time. The best thing is racing motorcycle and winning world titles – you can’t beat that. But 15 years after finishing racing, it was incredible.

Bikesure: Last year you formed a strong bond with former footballer Jimmy Bullard. Do you keep in touch and who do you think you’d get on best with with from this group?

Foggy: We do keep in touch by text and phone and I hope to catch up with him before Christmas.

I’d have got on well with pretty much everybody – I like Duncan, and I’d have had some banter and a laugh with the girls Vicky and Ferne.

Foggy Jimmy Bullard

Bikesure: Who would annoy you the most?

Foggy: Brian whinges quite a lot, and Chris and Kieron suck up to each other a lot which is a bit cringey to watch, but I’d struggle with Lady C – she’s anything but a lady and she’s rude. She had a tough start in life but there’s no excuse to not be polite to people and thinking you are above everybody. You’re not, we’re all the same.

Lady C I'm a Celebrity

Bikesure: Who have you found the most entertaining campmate and why?

Foggy: Vicky. You can have a laugh with her.

Bikesure: Who would be in your final three and who do you think will win?

Foggy: I’d like to see the girls do well this year, and I think the final three will be Vicky, Ferne, and Jorgie, though George could be in there too.

I’m tipping Vicky to win. She’s transformed herself from coming from the worst TV show in history (Geordie Shore) to coming across as funny, helpful and a future Queen of the Jungle.

Vicky Pattison I'm a Celebrity

Bikesure: If you could give one piece of advice to this year’s contestants, what would it be?

Foggy: Just embrace it and throw yourself into it. It’s an amazing experience and you’ll never do anything like it again.

Bikesure: You named “people” as one of the three things you hate most ahead of last year – how has your experience in the jungle changed you?

Foggy: I found out quite a lot about myself, that I’m more of a people person than I thought I was. I didn’t like the idea of being around strangers, people I didn’t know,  but I probably helped out more than anyone and enjoyed it.

Bikesure: What are you looking forward to the most about returning to the jungle?

Foggy: This will probably be the only time I will go back and it will be good to stand back and look at it from a different perspective. I’m sure I’ll be reminiscing about last year and it will be a bit strange not being involved but I’m really looking forward to it.

Bikesure: Who would you most like to see go into the jungle in a future series?

Foggy: Liam Gallagher. Though he may only last a couple of days.

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