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Rock and roll and the internal combustion engine have a long history together; indeed the song often pegged as the “first rock and roll song” – Rocket 88 – was about a car.

Going back even further, one of the first ragtime songs was called “You’ve been a good old wagon but you done broke down” – the relationship between popular music and vehicles goes way, way back.

While the first song to mention motorcycles is lost to history, bikes and music quickly became intertwined in the post-war years as a younger generation grew to love the freedom that two wheels and an open road granted them.

In researching this list we have decided to stick with songs that make significant mention of motorcycles in the lyrics, avoiding some of the typical biking clichés. Take the titanic Highway to Hell by AC/DC, for example; without doubt a timeless slice of rock, one of the great riffs of all time, but no reference to motorcycles there, and no place on our list.

So without further ado, join Bikesure, the freethinking insurance broker, as we take a trip down memory lane to the highs and the lows of motorcycles in rock.

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