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For many of us, there’s something indisputably appealing about a Harley-Davidson. Shooting down an endless highway straight into the sunset – what else would you ride? There are plenty of websites out there dedicated to Harley-Davidson news, events and updates. Bikesure takes a quick look at some of them.

  1. The Official Harley Davidson Website has a Great Britain section and is naturally, for many, the first pit-stop when researching the legendary bikes and the company behind them. It is the most general of the sites listed, but it is also very extensive, with a variety of different pages, from Rent-A-Harley to information on museums and custom bikes.
  2. As well as selling an extensive range of the motorcycles online, is a definitive hub for Harley users, admirers and those interested in finding out more about them. Its News / Events page is regularly updated. It also offers a generous helping of competitions dished out over the course of each year, as varied as an all-expenses paid trip to the States riding the legendary Route 66, or simply a free t-shirt. While you can shop for Harleys using Black Bear’s online store, you may wish to pop along to its showroom in Newmarket, Suffolk, to meet the team and test drive one for yourself.
  3. says it “offers the best support to seasoned Harley-Davidson bike riders and assistance to those who are new to the … brand legend”. Not only does the site sell new, customised and premium used bikes, it regularly posts Harley stories and news, as well as hosting its own events. Based in Essex, typical happenings involve food, live music, car displays and Harley-Davidson games.
  4. Sussex-based company also boasts an extensive news and events page for Harley enthusiasts and newcomers, with some generous offers. For just shy of £8000, Shaw teaches customers to ride a Harley and sells them a brand new one. The company even offers a free trial session.
  5. Norwich, Newcastle, Southampton and Edinburgh are just some of many other cities and areas across the UK with similar Harley Davidson distributors with strong online presence, listing their own events and news. Wherever you are in the UK, chances are you’ll find a Harley Hub nearby – just google
  6. is the online home to the Harley Davidson Riders Club of Great Britain (HDRCGB). Packed full of forums used by other riders all over the country, it’s a useful place to be a member both for new owners and old timers. You can join the club online by clicking here.
  7. For more general Harley Davidson news and information you should also try The site features a useful Motorcycle Search tool allowing you to narrow down your desired Harley to not only its specific model but also your price-range

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