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Riding a motorcycle to work can cut journey times, ease congestion and save money, according to insurance broker Bikesure.

And the Norfolk-based company is backing national Ride to Work Week by encouraging staff with bikes or scooters to swap four wheels for two – and offering two free training courses to would-be riders.

Ride to Work Week, from Monday, June 15 to Friday, June 21, is organised by the motorcycle industry and sponsored by Get On, an industry group that helps new motorcyclists get on the road.


Gerry Bucke, general manager at Flux and its Bikesure motorcycle insurance brand, said the start of the summer was the perfect time to encourage existing and prospective bikers to leave their car at home in favour of the joys of motorcycling.

“Summer motorcycling is not only great fun, but your journey will be much cheaper – and potentially quicker – than driving a car to work,” he added.

“They are the two big motivations of Ride to Work Week – the enjoyment and sense of freedom of riding a bike, and the reduction in congestion on the roads that has seen journey times in cars increasing over many years.”

Flux will enter anyone who rides to work during the week into a prize draw and allow them to wear casual clothes, as well as giving away two compulsory basic training (CBT) courses to non-riders via a raffle.

The evidence that switching to two wheels saves time not only for the rider, but for other motorists too, is compelling.

A study by Transport and Mobility Leuven modelled the traffic for one of the most congested roads in Europe.

It found that when 10 per cent of drivers swapped to a bike or scooter, congestion was reduced for all road users by 40 per cent. When 25 per cent of drivers swapped, then congestion was eliminated entirely.

And the Confederation of British Industry predicts congestion will increase by 50 per cent within a generation, while the TomTom UK Traffic Survey 2014 also recorded increased congestion in most of the busiest cities in the country.

For information about learning to ride visit Get On or contact your local dealer or training school.

Six reasons to get on a bike:

Save money: Road tax starts at just £16 a year for smaller motorcycles and parking is generally free. Add that to lower fuel bills and you’re laughing.
More flexibility: No more waiting for overcrowded and delayed buses or trains. Just get on and go when you’re ready.
More friends: There are 1.3 million motorcycles on UK roads. That number’s risen by 75 per cent since 1995, easily the fastest-growing type of vehicle.
More fun: How many commuters do you know who get off the bus with a big smile every day?
Less congestion: 85 per cent of commuting car drivers are alone in their car. If just a few of them switched to a scooter or motorbike it would mean fewer cars in the morning and evening rush hours and everyone could keep moving.
Less fuel burnt:  Smaller motorbikes and scooters can do over 100 mpg. That means less exhaust fumes for everyone else to breathe in, too.

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