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With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, all of us here at Bikesure have been feeling the itch to get back on our bikes.

For many bikers, winter poses a bit of a problem; do you face the icy wind and rain on every journey, or give in to the weather and take the car instead? Sadly, practicality often wins out for many and we’re forced to stow our bikes for winter. But with the sun now shining, it’s time to dust off the chrome and get back in the saddle.

Although storing bikes through the winter is often a good idea, both for the bike and for you, it is balanced with a couple of pros and cons. Importantly, you get the flexibility of riding your bike all year round (unseasonably warm winter? Get out there!), whilst the downside can be that if the weather does limit your winter riding, you could be paying for cover that you aren’t using for months at a time.

Pay Only What You Need With Short Term Bike Insurance

So, if you want to make sure you only pay for what you use, what are your choices?

Here at Bikesure we provide two options – short term motorbike insurance and flexible ‘Ride Any Bike’ insurance. Short term bike insurance is available for between one day and three months, and is designed specially for people who only ride their bikes in certain months, take theirs on holiday or need to attend events.

Our Ride Any Bike insurance works by extending the third party only cover usually provided by standard policies for riding other people’s bikes. If you have your own motorbike insurance that provides a ‘ride any bike’ benefit, Bikesure’s policy will enhance that to be comprehensive cover – giving peace of mind to you and the bike’s owner.

Which should you choose?

What type of cover you choose will depend largely on your circumstances and needs. Ride Any Bike insurance gives you the flexibility to ride anyone’s bike (with their permission of course!) without worrying about what happens if you have an accident, but you will need to have your own bikesure policy in place alongside it.

Short term bike cover, on the other hand, gives you the choice of exactly when your cover starts and ends, meaning you won’t pay for cover you don’t use, but your comprehensive cover will be restricted to just the bike on your own policy.

From one day motorcycle insurance cover through to policies that last three months, short term bike insurance is usually the best option for people who only want to usetheir own bikes at certain times of the year. Whether you want to take your bike on holiday for a few weeks or months, attend a bike show or even insure your bike whilst you try to sell it, short term policies give you the flexibility to get covered without paying a full premium.

After all that, which is best for you? Ultimately, whichever policy you choose will depend on what you need, whether you’re likely to only ride you bike for a short time in year or if you like the freedom of borrowing friends’ bikes.

To get help choosing, and to find out more about the benefits of each policy, call us today on 0800 587 9718 or complete the callback form to ask us to ring you at a time that suits.

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