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Many of you probably saw in February that Influx magazine, the automotive magazine powered by Adrian Flux and Bikesure, launched a brand new website and also released a new issue of their online mag, last month titled ‘Ford: Dagenham Dreams’.

This month, Influx magazine is turning its focus onto motorbikes, and specifically onto alternative motorbike culture. It isn’t something we’ve covered too much of recently in these pages, but alt. bike culture is an important part of many bikers’ lives, and well worth the motoring mag’s attention.

The main feature this month ponders the not-so-easy-to-answer question of ‘what is alt. bike culture?’ and asks whether its founders have sold out, and indeed how far they can sell out before their work simply stops being ‘alternative’. Most of us will know someone involved in the culture or own a bike ourselves that’s part of the new wave, so it’s interesting to get a look at how it all began, and where it’s all headed.

A film shot at the Dirtquake event in 2014 is included with the March Influx edition too, giving a taste of what it’s like to attend an event at the heart of the alt. bike calendar for those tempted to head down to the track themselves. Check out the video here: Notes From The New Wave

A Look At Where Biker Culture Began

Following up on the main Influx feature is an interview with Bruce Brown, director of influential biker film On Any Sunday and surf flick Endless Summer – the man widely credited with kicking off alternative bike culture. The interview comes in the wake of Brown’s son releasing On Any Sunday – The Next Chapter, a follow up to the 1971 hit, and answers Influx’s burning questions about those early years’ pioneering work and his thoughts on what the scene has become.

The mag also sees Chris Hunter, editor of Bike EXIF – the world’s largest custom moto site – present his list of the best and most influential custom bike builders in the alt. bike arena today. From the likes of the innovative Wrenchmonkees to old-hands-turned-customisers like BMW’s Hans Muth, the list chronicles the biggest names in the scene; a must-read for any bike fan interested in the latest creations.

Influx’s new website also now includes plenty of ways to get involved with the mag, through social media, their streetspots feed and commenting on all their articles and posts – giving you the opportunity to have your say on alternative bike culture, and let people know what you think.

Whether you’re already involved in the alternative biker scene yourself or you’re interested in finding out a little more about the new culture, Influx’s ‘Alt. Bikers: Notes From The New Wave’ article is sure to be of interest, and is live now.

To view the new edition of the mag and browse the new-look site, head over to the Alt. Bikes site

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