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The freethinking motorcycle insurance specialist, Bikesure advocates safe motorcycling. BikeSafe is a nationwide motorcycle safety project run by most police forces in the UK. The main aim of the BikeSafe scheme is to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes and injuries, and to make the roads safer.

The most recent figures from the Department for Transport in Great Britain show that motorcyclist casualties dropped by 2 percent in 2011. There was also a 1 percent decrease in the number of motorcyclist fatalities or serious injuries in the same period. Although the figures are heading in the right direction the number of casualties and fatalities are still high and have room to be reduced further. The BikeSafe scheme encourages motorcyclists to take responsibility for their own safety, training and re-training.

The BikeSafe schemes explore the main issues facing bikers on the roads today as well as advanced riding techniques. They aim to improve biker’s skills, knowledge and hazard awareness in order to make riding safer, as well as more enjoyable.

BikeSafe encourages bikers to continue their training and development after they pass their test. Regardless of when you passed your test skills can always be improved in order to make riding safer. Many crashes and incidents on the road are avoidable and often involve basic mistakes or errors of judgement. The BikeSafe scheme aims to reduce these and hone skills.

The practical element of the full-day workshop is an on-road assessed ride, with the BikeSafe Observer providing one-to-one guidance and feedback on strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas that can be improved and developed.

The scheme also holds an annual show. The National BikeSafe show is a celebration of all things motorcycling, with something for all the family. The show includes demo bikes, trade stands, live music, arena, fairground rides, stunt shows, as well as the BikeSafe team. It is held at a different venue around the country each year.

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