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Odds are, as a biker, at some point you’ll want to sell your beloved machine. With so many options open to you it can be a challenge knowing the best way to proceed. Bikesure, the free-wheeling insurance specialist, has the know-how you need to make the sale process as painless and as profitable as possible.

The good news is that living as we do in the second decade of the 21st century, we are in a golden age of personal commerce. Services like eBay and Gumtree can be very powerful tools for selling stuff, and with a bit of effort, and a minimum investment of care, you have the tools to make a tidy profit.

Before we get started, however you sell your vehicle it pays to be wary of fraud. The Vehicle Safe Trading Advisory Group has plenty of useful advice for buyers and sellers, which will give you an idea of the techniques used by the scammers. Forewarned is forearmed!

The first option would be to sell your bike to a local dealership or garage. This has the advantage of being the most hassle-free way of just getting rid of it. The downside is, you’re going to be making less money on the sale than if you go DIY.

The next possibility is one of the free ad sites. Here in the UK the site with the most users, and therefore the greatest chance of success is by far and away Gumtree.

It pays to be careful when selling pricey items like motorcycles. Some guides recommend meeting on neutral territory, to avoid anybody dodgy knowing where you keep the bike and returning later to steal it. Similarly, be wary of anybody looking to test drive the bike. At the very least ensure they are qualified and capable of handling it, that way you’ll hopefully be spared any accidents.

In many ways, selling via eBay strikes a balance between selling to a dealership and selling privately through adverts. Yes, on one hand you’ll be doing most of the work in terms of actually selling it and yes, eBay will be taking roughly 10% of the final sale value in fees. On the other hand, it has more potential customers than any other option, plus it has protective measures for both buyer and seller and dispute resolution procedures built into it, including such features as “owning PayPal”, which are designed to make your transaction as painless as possible.

With Gumtree it’s easy to geographically limit your advert to your local area, whereas with eBay it’s more likely to be discovered with national searches, so you should think carefully about how far you’re willing to travel to deliver it, or how far the buyer would be willing to travel to collect. Sort this out before payment is transferred.

Last but by no means least, there are sites like AutoTrader and Motorcycle News. The good thing about this route is you’re far more likely to get knowledgeable people responding to the advert.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the exciting possibilities of the internet while overlooking the audience of magazines like the two previously mentioned. You might also want to check with your local motorcycle club and see if they offer adverts to their members. Both of these routes will give your advert a keen, knowledgeable audience.

At the end of the day selling a large item like a motorcycle online is a balancing act between the effort you’re willing to put in and the return you’re looking to get out.

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