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You may be an adrenalin junkie, you may be a biking enthusiast, you may be someone looking to try something new, whatever your angle, Motorcross and off-road biking may be something right up your street.

Originating in Britain in the early 20th century, Motorcross was originally known as Scrambles. According to, its earliest recorded event was in 1924 in Camberley, Surrey. Today, it takes place all over the world in loads of different venues, from indoor arenas to outdoor trails. Whatever the location, the look and feel of Motocross is fundamentally off-road.

Sound tempting? Before you put your foot down on the dirt, you’ll need to get there, and to get there, you’ll probably need to drive on-road. The thought of lugging a heavy-duty bike to your destination may stop you in your tracks. Even if you have a big van you can store it in, loading and unloading it can be arduous, and all the while you’re burning extra fuel. Fear not, the freethinking motorcycle insurance broker Bikesure has developed cheap specialist policies that allow off-road enthusiasts to drive their vehicles on-road.

Motocross, Enduro bikes, Supermotos and other off-road motorcycles, designed to withstand the wear and tear and challenges brought on by heavy-duty dirt trials, are all covered on-road by Bikesure. The policies are available to anyone over 16 years old and feature a variety of schemes tailored for the most affordable, flexible and specific cover to suit an individual’s needs.

Recognising that Motocross is often a hobby pursued with friends and fellow off-road enthusiasts, Bikesure offers its policyholder third party cover to ride a friend’s bike on the road. It also provides Multibike insurance schemes at reduced rates, a convenient and economic solution if you have more then one off-road motorcycle.

To maximise your ride’s capabilities on motocross trails, you may be looking to make modifications. Alternatively, you may have purchased a bike with pre-existing customisations. While some insurers are wary of performance enhancements and design changes, Bikesure can cover these – providing you declare them when taking out the policy

Bikesure can arrange insurance for riders with motoring and criminal convictions. Regardless of your past, cover is provided, including fully comprehensive, with legal cover of up to £100,000 also available free of charge.

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