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When Bradley Wiggins powered to victory in the men’s time trial to scoop a gold medal, mod culture received a shot in the arm. Paul Weller became flavour of the month and long sideburns became de rigueur.

But, according to Bikesure, the specialist motorbike insurance broker, for many people the mod culture had never died anyway. Over the years Bikesure has been insuring mod-type scooters and has recently noticed a surge in demand for these policies, especially as there are now ‘retro scooters’ available from stalwarts such as Lambretta, Neco, Vespa and Peugeot.

Facebook is a good benchmark of the popularity of a particular movement. The Modculture page has around 44,000 likes. It’s an active page with regular postings and comments and is a great first point of call to find out what’s happening in the Mod world.

2014 is a good year to get into Mod culture as it is not only the 50th anniversary of the formation of the classic line up of The Who but also the 50th anniversary of the Brighton Beach battle between mods and rockers that inspired the film Quadrophenia. Brighton is still a popular destination for those looking to soak up the atmosphere and get a first hand look at where the action took place, according to travel writers.

The Modculture website expects the new book ‘Quadrophenia a Way of Life (Inside the Making of Britain’s Greatest Youth Film)’ by Simon Wells to be a must for mod enthusiasts. Set this alongside the new release of Quadrophenia – The Who Live in London and there’s sure to be yet more interest in all things mod. If you want to keep pace, then other online sites to visit are Modscene Weekly and The Mod Generation.

By now you are probably revving up your scooter and ready to hit the road. But you need to make sure your insurance cover is up to date and valid. This is especially relevant if you’ve made any modifications, even cosmetic ones such as flashy mirrors, racks and leg shields.

Bikesure has found that some clients are scared to declare modifications or customisations they have made to their scooters, thinking they will have to pay out more for their policy. This is often not true, they may in fact find that a broker such as Bikesure can find a better price, or policy if modifications are declared. Also, by declaring they are avoiding any issues down the line if they have to make a claim.

So what are you waiting for? Pull on that Parka and helmet and “you’re goin’ to Brighton for the weekend.”

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