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If your prize collection of classics is in a garage waiting for their next adventure or laid up over winter, it is important to make sure they are insured. Laid up bike insurance policies cover bikes and scooters whilst they are off the road, protecting against fire and theft without having to pay an inflated price to cover against, for example, third party liability, when it isn’t necessary as the bike isn’t being used. There is a misconception that motorcycles are covered for fire and theft on your household insurance when in fact a lot of the time they are not.

Bikesure, the free-thinking motorcycle insurance broker, offers specialist laid up motorcycle insurance taking into account personal requirements. For example, perhaps you have a bike that is only used for shows or that are only ridden during the summer months. This means that for most of the year your pride and joy is probably going to be kept in a garage or shed, so having a tailor made laid up policy means you can rest assured that whilst it’s in storage it will be insured.

For example, fire and theft cover for a 46 year old biker living in Cambridgeshire (PE14 postcode) storing a 1966 Triumph T100SS valued at £4,000 in their garage at home would cost £72.40 with Bikesure, with only £100 excess.

Unlike many other laid up policies, you don’t have to hold a bike licence to take out a Bikesure policy. This is especially important if you have brought a bike in advance of your test or if you have inherited a bike.

For example, a lady in Huddersfield wanted laid up cover so she could keep her husband’s prized bike when he passed away. The woman was having difficulty as she didn’t have a bike licence herself. Bikesure arranged insurance using her full car licence, enabling her to keep her husband’s bike insured against fire and theft.

It also doesn’t matter what type of bike it is. As long as it is stored in a safe and secure place, and not used on the road, Bikesure can cover your bike against fire and theft damage. This is reassuring, especially as theft is one of the most common motorcycle insurance claims with around 50,000 bikes stolen in the UK every year.

Bikesure also provides additional cover against accidental damage for classic motorcycles whilst off the road, as well as insurance on the road too for all types of motorcycles.

To make sure your bike remains in tip-top condition while it is laid-up, it is important to prepare it for storage. Websites, such as, provide handy hints for storing your ride.

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