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Your motorcycle helmet should be one of your most cherished possessions. It is there to protect your head, to minimise injury to your brain in the event of an accident. Look after your motorcycle helmet and it will look after you. Here Bikesure, the freethinking motorcycle insurance broker, has put together some top tips for keeping your motorcycle helmet in peak condition.

Handle with care.

Even dropping your motorcycle helmet as you are carrying it around could cause damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye but could weaken its protective properties. If you do drop your helmet get some advice from a specialist shop; it may be that you need to get a new one – but can you put a price on safety?

Keep it clean.

Obviously, you want your motorcycle helmet to look good but only use water and mild soap to clean it. Strong detergents can damage the finish. For streak-free results use a specialist motorcycle helmet cleaner, such as Muc-Off.

Dealing with bugs.

After a long ride in the summer months, you may find that there are lots of bugs stuck to your visor that are difficult to shift. The easiest way to get rid of them is to spread a clean, wet cloth over the affected area for about ten minutes or so and then gently wipe the bugs off. Don’t scrub at them or you will scratch the visor.

Stickers are a no-no.

Don’t be tempted to personalise your helmet with stickers or D.I.Y. artwork. If you want to stand out from the crowd go to a professional to get the work done as they will use helmet-friendly paint and adhesive.

Don’t forget the inside

Think of your helmet as an item of clothing. You wouldn’t wear your underpants for weeks on end without washing them, would you? So why should the inside of your motorcycle helmet be any different? Many modern helmets have removable linings that can be washed with a mild washing liquid. Non-removable liners can be sprayed with Helmet Fresh that attacks bacteria to keep liners smelling just like new.

It’s not a shopping basket.

Using your motorcycle helmet to stash gloves or other items is not a good idea. Gloves can have traces of petrol on them that might damage the helmet’s lining and their Velcro fastenings are notorious for ruining fabric linings. Drinks bottles can leak resulting in a sticky mess, and other items might have sharp corners that can rip the fabric.

Be prepared.

Always have a couple of visor wipes stashed away in your pocket so wherever you are you can make sure that you will always see the road clearly.

It won’t last forever.

SHARP, the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme reckons that if a helmet is looked after properly it will generally have a life of about five years, or three if used all the time.

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