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If hurtling around a racetrack in a three-wheeled cross between a Vespa and a market stall sounds like your idea of fun, you’re in luck!

Continuing on from the successes of the 2013 series, the Piaggio Ape World Championships return this year, bringing all the fun, excitement and mayhem back for another round.

Starting on May 25, the championship consists of six 1.5hour races around the Rye House circuit in Hertfordshire, the kart track that Lewis Hamilton learnt his trade lapping. Presented by Piaggio Commercial UK and sponsored by Bikesure and Adrian Flux insurance brokers, the event offers you the chance to witness some truly unique racing.

Each race will be preceded by a Red Letter Day event giving you and your friends and family the chance to experience the frenzied excitement of Piaggio Ape racing.

If you’re interested in having a go, or just in owning one of these versatile Apes yourself, they can be driven by anyone aged 16 or above with just a provisional driving licence. What better introduction for you and your friends to the exciting world of motorsport than a weekend flying around the track in one of these unique racers.

The Piaggio Ape started out in 1949 and has found itself used for a huge range of purposes, from transport to advertising, cooking street food to being used as a market stall.  Its lightweight construction, economical fuel consumption and fantastic versatility have made it a favourite of small business owners across the world for more than 60 years.

The current iteration sees the Ape (pronounced ah-pay, Italian for “bee”) used as a compact little racer, producing only 20BHP and being steered with handlebars. These tiny vans have been reimagined as racers by scooter-tuners Malossi with the help of some generous tinkering and the addition of two castor wheels at the front to stop them tipping over.

Bikesure have more than 35 years’ experience of insuring bikes and trikes of all kinds. As the UK’s largest specialist insurer, the unusual Ape proved no problem for the team at Bikesure and they are proud to be supporting a fantastic example of original motorsports.

Keep on the look out for news of the upcoming Ape Owners Club but, until then, for more information on the Ape races, check out and and for more information about Malossi tuning.

Visit for more on how you can take part in the pre-race excitement or email Steve at Piaggio Commercial for more information on the racing itself [email protected].

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