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According to Nich Brown of Motorcycle Action Group UK, the number of older bikers in Britain has risen over the past decade.

There could be many reasons why. Motorbikes are much cheaper to run than cars, as they require far less fuel. There’s also an added romance in hitting the road on a bike, and for many this may seem both an appealing retirement prospect, and another way to recapture their youth.

A big bonus in embracing your inner biker at a later stage in life is that the insurance tends to be a lot cheaper. Most mature riders are more experienced with road hazards than teenagers and young adults. Whether they have learnt from past mistakes or are naturally more cautious, mature riders are less prone to accidents. Insurers like this.

Bikesure, the freethinking insurance broker, offers a range of policies and discounts ideal for mature riders from its wide network of insurers.  Because it is a broker and not a straightforward insurance company, Bikesure compares policies from a range of different providers in order to ensure its clients get the best deal they can.

Bikesure now offers discounts for riders as young as 30 returning to two wheels after a break. For those who have either taken a longer sabbatical, or want to get into motorcycles at a later stage in their lives, Bikesure has recently introduced a 60 plus scheme. This policy is applicable to anyone between the ages of 60 and 80, subject to terms and conditions. For more information on both policies contact Bikesure directly.

If you are an experienced older motorcyclist you may also benefit from Bikesure’s ‘performance bike experience’ discount, which you can also find out more about by contacting the sales team.

Older and more experienced riders are often more likely to have an expensive model compared with younger riders just starting out. While some companies are put off by expensive vehicles, Bikesure can look into arranging an agreed value cover to compensate the full value of the motorcycle if your bike is written off. The same goes for unusual vehicles, from retro mopeds to modified streetfighters. Because of its vast network of policy providers, Bikesure is able to get cover directly suited to the individual’s needs, however unconventional these may be.

Mature riders should also make use of other discounts Bikesure offers that aren’t necessarily age specific. For example, owners’ club membership discount can reduce the overall cost of a policy significantly, and you can sign up to an owners club, such as Yamaha and Suzuki, quickly and hassle-free online.

Recognising that mature riders may use their bikes more in leisure time than as a regular source of transport, Bikesure also offers a limited mileage discount.

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