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With a fashion focus on all things vintage and retro, the mods’ style is seeing a resurgence. Keeping on trend, the guys at Bikesure, the freethinking motorcycle insurance broker, take a look at all things mod.

The Mod subculture peaked in the 1960’s, with a mod revival in the late 70s inspired by the cult film Quadrophenia and mod-influenced bands such as The Jam. Mods were known and recognised by their smart attire, often wearing tailor-made suits, and for their love of scooters.

Mods were often seen riding around on Vespas and Lambrettas, the sleek curves of these Italian scooters embodying the mod style. Not only were they a stylish fashion accessory, but the scooters were also a practical and cost-effective mode of transportation at the time.

scooterist Paul Davies shares his collection

Exact opposites of their ‘enemies’, the Rockers, who had a thing for big motorbikes, long shaggy hair and biker leathers.

Gold medal winning, yellow jersey sporting, Bradley Wiggins embodies the mod style with his Paul Weller-esque hairstyle and sideburns. We all know Wiggins for his love of two wheels but it doesn’t stop with cycling, he also reportedly owns a collection of scooters, including a Lambretta and Vespa. The BBC delves further into whether Wiggins is a mod with their article ‘Bradley Wiggins: What is a Mod?’ coming to the conclusion that the champ himself is a “classic Mod”.

Many other celebrities are sporting the mod style, such as Damon Alburn (Blur), Preston (Ordinary Boys and Celebrity Big Brother). Mods were also depicted in the Olympic closing ceremony alongside Kaiser Chiefs, photos can be seen across the web including these photos from MSN.

There are many scooter clubs around including, The Bristol Mod Scooter Club with “its roots firmly established in the true, Mod Scooter tradition”, aimed at bringing together people who own, restore and ride vintage Lambretta and Vespa scooters. website offers a source of information on all things mod including scooters, Quadrophenia, revival mod and classic mod.

If you’re looking for a modern scooter with a mod appeal, take a look at the Mini E (as discussed on the Daily Mail website and London Evening Standard). Currently, a prototype but BMW’s Mini E is an electric scooter which is designed to appeal to mod and Mini enthusiasts alike.

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