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Posted 6th August 2013

Whether tearing through the tranquillity of suburbia or taking to the open road on a one-way trip to nowhere, the motorcycle comes pre-equipped with an aura of awesome that is unmatched by any other vehicle.

Naturally, Hollywood types love to lend these attributes to their leading lads and ladies and, ever since Easy Rider established the genre way back in 1969, bikes and their bikers have become enduringly cool movie signifiers.

Saying that, some movies get the image all wrong. Whether it’s a lousy excuse for a motorcycle or a rider that’s more leather-headed than his gear, there exist a number of films that make loyal two-wheelers wince.

But which films have won their place in the biking hall of fame and which belong on the scrapheap of shame? From Bond films to cult classics, we’ve sifted through decades of movie motorcycle use to bring you the ultimate in motorcycle infographics.

What’s more, we passed our sentences based on a very scientific selection process. Rather than just judging the bike outright, we’ve taken into account its value, its sex appeal, its speed, its icon status and its screen time, creating a comprehensive rundown of the absolute best and worst motorcycles in movies. Enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Motorcycles in Movies

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