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If you are 16 or over and fancy going Ape and becoming a motorsport ‘World Champion’ (or should that be ‘World Chimpian’?) then this must be one of the most enjoyable ways to do it, and you don’t even need to travel any further than Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire to do so.

The iconic Piaggio Ape (apparently pronounced ‘ah-pay’ in Italy, which means ‘bee’) has been a low-cost form of transport for over 60 years, and its quirky design and friendly nature has now been tuned into the racing vehicle it was never expected to be, courtesy of scooter-warmer-uppers Malossi. It promises to offer great fun, close, exciting low cost racing and a sight to behold as drivers of all abilities scrabble for the best line around the infamous Rye House circuit. Low cost motorsport doesn’t get any more fun, close and crazy than this… especially with a night race planned for early September!

Backed by Piaggio Commercial UK, the championship will begin with a bang on Sunday 9th of June and will consist of four 2 hour races over Summer and Autumn, with each Ape’s neck being wrung by teams of between 2 and 8 drivers around the challenging kart circuit where Lewis Hamilton honed his skills. If you can’t wait until June to have a go there will be a 2 hour open test on Sunday 21st April.

For more information about taking your place in Piaggio Ape history, or just to see this for real, contact Steve at Piaggio on 07803 341824.

To find out where all this mayhem will be taking place, check out  or for more information about Malossi tuning see

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