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Motorcyclists can benefit from bigger discounts and tailormade cover thanks to specialist insurance broker Bikesure.
The broker has introduced two new schemes to reward owners club members and cater for touring bike riders.
A new owners club scheme only available to members provides discounts of up to 25 per cent.
And the tourer scheme is a tailormade policy including standard features such as:

  • Sat nav cover up to £250
  • Accessories covered up to £1,500
  • Free cover for most European countries for three months in any one year
  • Cover for bikes valued up to £30,000

Rob Balls, of Bikesure, said the two new schemes would provide great savings and specialist cover for dedicated enthusiasts.
“We know from experience that members of owners clubs are more likely to take care of their bikes much better than non members, and so we’re happy to reward them with bigger discounts than ever before on our owners club scheme,” he added.
“The tourer scheme is specifically designed for those who take to the roads for longer trips, taking into account the extra equipment and accessories needed for British and European touring.
“We hope that these new policies, added to our existing schemes, will help provide even greater value for our customers.”
Bikesure is one of the UK’s leading specialist insurance brokers, with schemes covering everything from standard road bikes to modified, imports, superbikes, scooters, trikes and quads.

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